Carla's Funky Art

"Making the World a Happier Place, One Painting at a Time"

Artist Bio



Carla Seaton grew up just miles from the Puget Sound in a small community in South Kitsap County.  From an early age Carla loved bright colored things.  Spring is her favorite time of year when fun flowers bloom and crazy birds sing.  All of this is evident in every piece of art she creates.  Anything from polka dotted bubble trees to funny silly sock monkeys, each piece of art is created to warm the soul. Bold, Brave and Bright!

The first time she lifted brush to canvas, Carla knew she wanted to paint. Bright flowers. Happy animals with human emotions. Birds on bikes and happy martinis.  Who doesn’t love a happy martini? In each of her paintings whether she uses, acrylic, watercolor or mixed media, all off this happiness and brightness come through. Her most popular mixed media series “The Girl with the Striped Tights” brings positive quotes, happiness, and bravery through art.

Carla currently lives with her family in Anacortes, Washington and can be seen at local coffee shops with her art journal transforming her cup of coffee into colorful swirls of steam. She can be found at the local farmers market and Western Washington art festivals over the spring and summer months.  She also teaches mixed media art classes at her home studio and other venues.  Her schedule can be found at




Carla's Funky Art Story



Dan and Carla have been working on building their little art business one painting at a time since 2010.  It all began on a little tiny island in Washington State.  They lived in a small town called Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. It all began with one small canvas and some paint from the local drug store.  Dan thought the little dog painting turned out so good that she should sell it.  A few more canvas paintings were made and they took them to the little Saturday swap meet and the fairgrounds, and sure enough....the paintings started selling. Carla loved to see how people reacted to her paintings and enjoyed seeing them smile.  Slowly over time, more and more artwork was painted and sold....and the business grew.  As things started progressing Dan has jumped in to help with production work.  From filling orders to mounting prints, he is the behind the scenes guy that keeps everything running smoothly.  He builds her art booth from scratch at traveling art festivals and local farmers markets. 

Together they love sharing Carla's inspirational art and both have one thing in common...they love to laugh and goof-off. From singing old Neil Diamond songs to pretending that they are famous movie stars you are bound to think they are funny...they hope!

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
— Pablo Picasso