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Happy Friday

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Yay, we all made it through another week!  I was able to finish up my "Fish" show paintings that I will share with you next week.  I did several other paintings done as well. It has been a struggle lately to get new work completed and still manage to work my part-time job.  I typically only have a day or two to paint every week, and to be honest, I am nervous for the summer shows!

 I am still on track for beating Scott with the fitbit this week (see previous blog post), and I even earned my 20,000 steps in a day badge! Yay!


Two of my favorite things....daisies and running shoes.  So far so good with my leg, I ran a few more times and no problems!!!

Are you guys sitting down?  You won't believe what I am about to tell you!!!!

I painted a bubble tree this week.  I don't paint them very often....but they are my biggest seller and I feel like I should have them for the Friday Harbor and San Juan Island Art Festivals this summer!  Why don't I paint them very often you ask?  Well, for two reasons.... one, they take me forever, and second, I have painted a ton of them and they don't seem as special anymore.  So on that note, I am making the original bubble tree more of a rarity, and selling prints.

bubble-tree-flip-flopsYes, that is me in my pajamas!  Sometimes I am way more motivated if I just grab a cup of coffee and head right up to the studio.  I have this bad habit of getting side tracked and distracted!  I will start cleaning the house, then hang out on Instagram and before I know it, it is 2:00 p.m.

Today is cleaning the house day and getting ready for my mixed media class tomorrow!  YAY!!!   I am so excited to meet everyone and I know we are going to have a wonderful time!  Stay tuned for some photos next week!  We will hopefully getting two paintings a piece done tomorrow!


Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend!  Fingers crossed for sunny days ahead!

Adventures with my fitbit...... :)

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It is confession time.  Sit down, hold on, here we go....  "Hi my name is Carla and I am addicted to my fitbit" (ok, I know I have already told you this before, but now we are on a whole new level) What is a fitbit you ask?  Oh, just this silly wristband pedometer  I wear that has totally TAKEN OVER MY LIFE!  This my second attempt with the fitbit, the first go-around, I had it taken away from me because I was obsessing and hurting myself.

Let us travel back a few months to the holidays.  Dan bought me a fitbit for a Christmas present.  I fell head over heels in love with it!  I programmed it into my IPhone and it tracks everything I do!  It monitors my steps, calories in and calories out, how well I am sleeping, and even how many pounds I need to lose!  It was love at first site!

fitbitI didn't care for the color at first, I am more of a hot pink girl, but it grew on me and now I love that fact that it blends in with most of my outfits!  So anyways, lets get back to why I had my fitbit taken away the first time.  If you remember a while back, I was injured training for a marathon last summer and was not suppose to be on my feet very much.  It was a tendonitis injury so the more repetition the worse it would get.  Needless to say, as soon as I received my new Christmas present, off I went.  I was walking 5 miles a day, tracking calories and lost 6 pounds pretty quickly.....all was going well...until....OUCH!!!! My leg started flaring up again.  Dan then proceeded to take my gift away and hide it in the closet until I became injury free!

It has now been a few months and he told me I am allowed to try it again, as long as I don't obsess about it.  (which I still do, muahahahahaha!) One of my favorite things about this pedometer that you can become "fitbit friends" with someone and track their steps too!  For example, my friend Scott, who thinks is super awesome....(which he isn't by the way) makes fun of me when he notices I haven't walked very much on a certain day.  He is one of those guys who is on his feet all day (pretending to work) so he easily gets his 10,000 steps in....and then some.  My goal is to kick his booty all the way to China!  This week is THE WEEK I think I can actually WIN! I am already ahead of him!  YAY ME!


I haven't been doing well at tracking calories...due to the sheer fact that I am lazy; AND............. I do not want to be held accountable for the potato salad that I just shoved into my mouth.  Mmmm.....burp, that was delish......

The fitbit makes exercise fun and has gotten my big old booty off the couch and back exercising again.  If you don't have one, I really encourage you to go out and purchase one.  They have many different makes and models; prices vary depending on what you are looking for.  If you are a game player or enjoy little challenges like me, this gadget it for you!  I happen to have the flex, which is the wristband.  I would be cautious when purchasing a fitbit "One," I have seen these out on the road or trails when they have fallen off while running.

Here are a couple shots of my morning walk (these morning walks are my secret enemy attacks against Scott...he is going down this week for sure!).....I sure do love where I live.  Thank you Anacortes for being so hip and beautiful.....

fitbit2fitbit4fitbitbikefitbit3As you can see, I live in one of the coolest places in the world!!  So grateful that I live here!!!  Well, I am off to get more steps in before Scott catches up with me!  Oh and did I mention????  I am back running again....trying not to over-do it but I did run this the other day:

5milesHappy Tuesday!


Sick and Busy....

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AGH you guys!!!  I have been so sick!  Haven't been this sick in years and I feel like it is never going to go all the way away!  I am on my 9th day, and still feel bad......although I think I have rounded the bend and starting to mend.  (Did you catch that? It rhymed!)  Sorry I haven't kept my promise of blogging twice a week, I just couldn't do it!  Things have been so hectic around here and I truly feel like I am one step away from a nervous breakdown.  Between the car accident, being sick, art deadlines, and the washer breaking I feel as though I have been hit by a bus!

I have this horrible habit of over committing myself and never saying no.  I have sat back and realized that I could have said "no" to several things last week and my life would have been so much easier and maybe I wouldn't have gotten quite so sick.  I should have said "no" to having a  booth at the farmers market on Saturday.  I should have said "no" to the lady that wanted her painting finished by this week.  I should have said "no" to the repair guy when he asked if it was ok to bring the washer next week.  I should have said "no".  Bottom line.....I need to learn how to give myself a break!  My entire life has been this path of overcommitting, and trying to make everyone else happy.  You would think at the age of 40 I would have figured it out. :)  Do you ever overcommit?

I am taking today to give my body time to heal, take a rest and try not to feel guilty about it.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.  It started off like this:

weekendthen I ran over to the laundry mat to wash everyone's clothes (which wasn't the best idea I have ever had):

weekend-2 after the laundry got done I felt like this (WARNING: be prepared for gigantic sick selfie):

weekend-1Soooooo......with that being said.....the lesson of this blog post????? STOP DOING SO MUCH STUFF AND TAKE TIME TO LET YOUR BODY HEAL!  LEARN HOW TO SAY NO!!!!!!

I admit it, I totally over did it this weekend and paid the price.  Lesson learned.  (Ya right).

We are gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend here in Anacortes.  I have my fingers crossed for sunshine!!!

Hope to see you at the market, we will be there! (and I promise not to show up if I am super sick, ha! ha!)


Family Art Days!

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Had a wonderful time teaching at Mona this last weekend!  Family Art Days was a success!  I was a bit nervous to teach this class due to the different ages, anywhere from age 5 to adult.  The children in the class seemed very interested, and the adults loved playing around with all that paint.  So grateful to able to share some of my process with others and see the excitement towards creating art!  I remember when I was little and wanting to be a famous artist, that is all I would think about!!! :)   Here are a few photos from the weekend!

FADFAD1FAD3Our workshop consisted of learning how to draw basic animals with basic shapes, how to use paper for decoupage and collage, and how to paint your animal!  So fun!

A big shout out thank you to the Museum of Northwest Art and all the families that participated!  Oh, and HUGE thank you to Dan who ran my farmers market booth BY HIMSELF on opening day!!  It must be TRUE LOVE! :)


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Wow guys!  This has been the craziest week EVER!!!!!  I promised to blog atleast twice a week, so here I am.  Truly.... I am in a big fat rush and haven't had one single minute to relax this week.  Soooo.....on that note, let me wrap this up in a nutshell.

First of all THE ANACORTES FARMERS MARKET OPENING DAY IS TOMORROW!  I can't wait!  Seriously, I CAN'T WAIT!!  So excited to show everyone this years originals.  Art from the Heart.....ha! ha!  Unfortunatley I will not be attending at my booth tomorrow.  Dan is going to run it for me because I will busy teaching a workshop at the NORTHWEST MUSEUM OF ART!  Yay!  So excited to share that project with you!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Ok, so the second crazy piece to this CRaZY is that this happened:

friday-1I am soooo grateful that THIS GUY is alright!!!

friday-2Long story short, just our luck that he gets hit by a crazy drug lady driving on a suspended license and NO INSURANCE!  Ugh.  What a week.  Did I mention that our  washer broke yesterday too?  I am seriously ready for a new where is my glass of wine? :)

Happy Friday (and I did it!!! Two blog posts this week!!! YAY ME!!)


Kindred Spirits....

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I was thinking about my grandmother the other day.  Gosh, it has been a long time and I miss her.  She was such a funny lady to me.  Half the time I was scared to death of her and the other half of the time she was all "grandmotherly".  She was an owl-loving, country music listenin' lady  who knew how square dance with the best of them.   I grew up way out in the country and my grandparents lived next door on our property.  I feel so blessed to have grown up with them and I could go on for days about some of our funny adventures.    They taught me so many family values and lessons in life.

There are two things that  really stick out when I think about my grandma.  First, was the fact that she sat down and took the time to read me the whole series of "Little House on the Prairie" by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Ooohhhh how I wanted to be Laura!  I would go to bed at night and pray that I would wake up with pa and ma, and we would eat syrup from trees and ride in a covered wagon.  I spent many years as a little girl longing for life on the prairie! I would run over to house right after school so we could sit down and read.  Second, she and I would watch Anne of Green Gables. (and Anne of Avonlea).  When I was in elementary school I can remember being sick a lot.  Asthma and colds would keep me home from school for days.  So thankful that I have out grown it.  Almost every time I was home sick my grandma would let me borrow her VHS movies...(yes, it was THAT LONG AGO)  I must have watched those movies a million times.  Sometimes she would walk over and check on me, bring me homemade bread and and watch them with me.  She would always chuckle at Anne's crazy rants and would tell me over and over that she knew someday she would get a red-headed grandchild!  She really, really, really wanted a red-haired grandchild, I have no idea why.  Secretly she must have been crazy because RED HEADED children are little spit-fires! Ha! Ha!

My favorite part of this book and movie (besides the dead rat in the plum pudding sauce, but how can I paint that?) was Anne's love for "kindred spirits" here is my latest brave girl painting:


P.s. Just had to add that cute little pug to remind Dan that he still needs to buy me one!

Happy Tuesday!

Good Riddance thirties.........Heeellllllooooo 40.


Well, Well, Well, here we are at the top of hill.  Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  Hmmmmm.....I will admit that I had  been down in the dumps about the whole "Over the Hill" approaching. Many whiny texts to friends (mainly Andy) about how fat, old, grey-haired, and wrinkly I have become.  It has been a long road to forty, but boy, once I started really thinking about it I have had quite a horrible 39!  So ready to get out of this year and celebrate not only a new birthday but a new decade!

Let's just take this last year in review and see just what 39 has brought:

  1. An injured leg that has taken 9 months to heal...(and still is healing....maybe because I am so old?)
  2. I was not able to complete a full marathon that I dream of finishing!
  3. I counted over 40 grey hairs and decided it was time to quit counting...ugh.
  4. Had a muscle spasm in my neck last month - which then pinched a nerve in my neck....good times.
  5. My dad was super sick and in the hospital...
  6. I bought plane tickets to see family in the Midwest that cost almost double what I thought they would be... only to find out that my brother will be flying out to Seattle the same week.  Really?  Maybe we should have met in the middle....South Dakota?
  7. I have gained 10 pounds and still can't run regularly. Ever heard that song "Baby's Got Back" by Sir Mix A lot?.......

Sooooo..............on that note.....I am READY for 40!!!  Bring it on!  There is no way that my forties will be as bad as my thirties!  I am excited for this new decade, this new adventure, and a new birthday year!  Instead of being depressed, I have turned it around...took a deep breath, closed my eyes and am now embracing 40.  I still have  a lot on my bucket list to get working on and I need to start checking things off!  Cheers to the next  ten years of love, happiness, health (cross your fingers for that tendon of mine), art, and family!



Happy May!

Big Old Painting in Progress


Hey  guys....remember this canvas?  Been a while since I have been able to work on it!  it has been so long I honestly can't remember when I started it. The kids love it and are constantly nagging at me to finish it, but have been so busy getting ready for the summer season!  Took some time last night to work on it.  I love painting BIG!  There is just something about a large canvas in front of me that makes my heart leap for joy!  Working with layers on a huge white canvas always jogs my memory that there are no mistakes.  This type of bold large painting is a fun way that helps me relax and let the painting tell me what it wants to do.  Painting gigantic is really my "happy place", even though my time, and wallet want to tell me something different.  Maybe I should start listening to my inner voice. Below are a few pictures of the painting in progress.  A few more layers and now I am beginning to work on details.  Stay tuned.  My goal for this "bad-boy" is to have it done by the end of May!

P.s. Can you believe it? Another blog post???  Yep, I am REALLY TRYING HARD to turn it around.  My goal is 2-3 posts a week and I expect you guys to get on my case if I haven't done it!  Bring on the blogging!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!



A PEEK into my Art Journal

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delishI thought I would share with you a few art journaling pages this week.  There is something so relaxing to me about drawing and painting on the couch in the evening.  I use my journal to unwind from a long day. I tend to have different journals for different things.  My favorite type of journaling is documenting things that our happening in our life.  The kids love to look back through the journals, it is a illustrated story of their lives.  Journaling lately has been few and far between.  I have filled up my free nights with learning how to crochet.  I am currently making a granny square blanket (that will be done when I am a granny.)  It is taken me forever and I have given up on the thought that it will finished anytime soon. It seems lately I am journaling to practice objects.  More like small mini scenes and paintings.  Over the years my supplies have changed, I began journaling with moleskine journals and Prismacolor pencils.  Currently I am LOVING my Moleskine Watercolor Large Journal.  I also use a traveling watercolor kit and Micron Pen.

Here are a few pages:



Happy Late Easter....

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Well, late as usual to wish you all a Happy Easter.  Time just seems to get a way from me.  Seriously can't believe we are midway (or more) through April.  Not even really sure what happened in March. The weather seems to come and go.  Sometimes I believe we are in Spring, and before you know it, heavy cold rain is falling down reminding me of Winter. So ready for some warmer temperatures around here.  Right around this time of year I tend to get ants in my pants and want to start wearing my shorts and flip flops.   The tulips are blooming in Skagit Valley so we must definitely be in SPRING!

I have been swamped getting ready for the summer art festivals and market this year.  Truly nervous to throw all of this new art out to you.  I have been trying to overcome my fears, take a deep breath and go with it.  Every year at this time I am overwhelmed with doubt.  I have doubts that my paintings won't sell,  fears that people won't like it and second guess even trying to make it as a part time artist.  Believing in myself is one thing that I can honestly say I can't seem to wrap my head around.   I wish inside I was a more courageous stronger person. I feel that if I just believed in my art there may be a whole world of opportunities and possibilities, but it such a scary step to take.  I hope I am not the only one that feels like this. I don't think I am, I have a feeling there are many artists out there kind of floundering like me wondering where there lot in life is.  My word for the year was PRODUCTIVE.  So far so good.  I made a promise to myself to stay focused, don't be quite as scared ( I will always be a little scared I think), take a deep breath and throw it all out there.  I am moving into more emotional pieces, painting for me.....lots of layers, lots of love and hours of work.  Bright funny paintings will always be incorporated into my work, so old fans do not worry!

Next month I will be venturing into new territory as well.  I am teaching several mixed media courses.  I have taught art classes to children in the past, but these mixed media classes will be new.  The first one is May 10th at the MONA art museum in La Conner.  Both classes filled up quickly with over 40 people on the waiting list!  AGH!  I have a feeling this will be a challenging workshop  for me because I will have from ages 5 to adult all working in the same class!  On May 31st I will also be holding a class here in my studio.  This class is so exciting for me as an artist. A small group of ladies and I will spend the day painting together. I can't wait to show them my painting process... We will cover all kinds of background painting, how to paint with papers, and creating whimsy into our paintings.  Dan is going to be our personal servant and delivering our catered lunch, chocolate covered strawberries, and whatever we desire! I am currently making them little cute!

This week I will have finished up my summer calendar.  I will post it on the website so you know where to find me.  Stay tuned!  Here are a few picture of some recent work and Dan and I tiptoeing through the tulips. (dang we are adorable!)




Vampire Road Trip!

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Two thumbs up for Spring Break and Road Trips!!!!  Been quite a while since I have taken a few days off!  We took my daughter and her friend Breanna out to the Olympic Peninsula for a VAMPIRE ROAD TRIP!  What is a Vampire road trip you ask???  Well, long story short, Stephanie Meyer wrote a series of vampire love stories back in 2005 and she based the TWILIGHT series right out of Forks Washington.  (Did you know that Forks gets the most rain in the continental US??? ) My daughter and I read the books years ago and we thought it would be fun to take a little road trip and check out the TWILIGHT sites!

We started out crossing the ferry on Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, walked around town for a bit, then headed to FAT SMITTY's!!!!  Pretty much the best burger place in Washington.  My favorite part about this restaurant is the DOLLAR WALL.  Pretty much everyone who visits decorates a dollar and pins it to the wall.  At the end of the year, they take all the dollars and donate it to local charities, thousands and thousands of dollars!  So cool!

Sorry about the stupid blurry picture but you don't really want to know what I have been through trying to get this blog post up.  I seriously have spent over 5 hours trying to get this post up.  I hate my new computer, I hate windows 8, I have BIG, BIG, BIG REGRETS that I didn't just buy another Mac. Ugh.

Ok, moving on......we then went to Sequim and checked out Olympic Game Farm, so fun!!!!  I haven't been there in ages!  Dan and the girls had a blast feeding all the animals.  If you ever get a chance, you should go and check it out.  It was a little bit pricer than I rememeber.  For the 4 of us plus two loaves of bread it was $50.00.

After the game farm we headed West to Forks!!!!  We rented a "TWILIGHT" Room at the Pacific Inn Motel.

The next day we ventured around the rainy town to check out all the cheesy sites, so FUN!

We OF COURSE had to HAVE MATCHING SHIRTS (even Dan had to wear one)....They read "Rain, Rain Go Away I want Edward to sparkle today".....freakin' hilarious.  Guess you are going to have to read the book to know the reference! :)

I have a million more wonderful photos to share with you but I am having big problems with this blog post. I am now on my 6th hour and am finally giving up.  Hopefully I can solve this issue soon and start blogging again!!! Off to get some technical support!!!


Helllloooooo Mixed Media Class....

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Sooooo excited for my mixed media class next month!!!!!

I only have two spots left!!!!!  If you would like more information on this class, I  have added a "classes" tab at the top of my website.

Dan is going to be our personal servant....he is providing our catered lunch, and is going to wait on us hand and foot.  Yahooooo!  Seriously though, this is going to be a wonderful small class in my studio and I can share some secrets about layering and mixed media.  If you are interested, please email me at

Welcome April

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Welcome Spring!  Yep, pretty much been forever since I have been on here.  So busy between art and my ortho job.  Lots going on with the family too!  The kids are busy in activities, parents have been sick, and there just doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day.

I don't have a ton of time this morning but I wanted to share some recent art that I have been working on!


Dan and I also did a quick trial run a few weeks ago with some new additions to our art booth, what do you think?

I wish we would have added the back wall when we took the picture but some people commented that they like how open the space was.  We are gearing up for the farmers market that begins next month.  I sat down and went over our summer schedule.  We are booked every weekend from May 10th until September!  AGH!!!!  Gonna be one CRAZY summer!  I can't wait!!  We added some extra art festivals this season.  I am currently working on a schedule so you are able to find me!

I am also starting to teach classes, so stay tuned for more information.

Happy Spring!

What's New? Oh ya, that's right, the SEAHAWKS WON the SUPER BOWL!!!!

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Been pretty much forever since I have done a blog post.  I have a confession to make.  My computer is dying.  Well not actually dying, but it sure is on its last leg.  I am using a MacBook Pro that was built in 1920.  It is sooooo super old, and now has a million photos on it and runs super s--l--o--w.  So slow it makes me not even want to get on here and share things with you.  The good news is that I am actually going shopping to get a new computer this month.  I have been saving, saving, saving! Yeah me!  I wish I could buy another Mac, but it isn't in the budget this year.

Sooooo if you haven't heard already, THE SEAHAWKS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!!  What?  What?  What?  I can't believe it, soooooooooo exciting!!!!  I never thought it would happen in my lifetime!!!! Yahoooo!!!  My Facebook friends like to give me a hard time and tell me that I am not a Seahawks fan because I always complain when the games are on.  What they don't know is that I am always jealous when the Seahawks are on TV!  I am frugal and refuse to pay for cable, therefore I never GET TO SEE THE GAMES!!!!  I grew up with football always on at the house (with the VOLUME on MAX), and I truly miss it every winter!  We did get to watch the playoffs and Super Bowl this year by inviting ourselves other people's homes!!!!  Good thing I have nice friends!  (thank you Longchamps and Posts!)


My 12th man "Beast Mode" hair!!!!

I wanted something "cutesy" for the house, because some girls like pretty things...hee...hee...I painted this sign with watercolor.....


Ok, what else has been happening around here??  Let's see.....

Our friends Steve and Andy came to visit last weekend from Seattle, that was fun.   The main reason for the visit was so Andy could show off his kick-ass Camaro.  Sorry for the bad language...but when you say Camaro you kinda have to say kick-ass at the same time.  They kinda go hand in hand......

Like this: Andy's Kick-Ass Camaro.

I even got to ride in it!!!  (I kinda peed a little when we went fast, but don't tell)  We had a great day, minus the fact that Andy won $600.00 bucks at the casino while I proceeded to lose $60.00.  Hmmmm.....AND THAT is why I SHOULDN'T GAMBLE.  I am the world's BIGGEST LOSER.....(and not in the skinny way either!)

I also have been super busy with some recent commissioned pieces.  Here are some of the latest:

That pretty much sums up what I have been doing lately.  26 more days until I see the orthopedic surgeon for my running injury last summer. I can't wait!!!  I just want to get fixed and hit the pavement again. Who knows, maybe I will still be able to pull off a marathon this next summer. (wishful thinking? I think yes.)

Happy Thursday!!!

Studio Tour.......

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I thought I would share a few studio pictures with you today.  I hope you are not disappointed.  I have had many friends and fans over the years ask me where I paint and what my studio looks like.  I wish it was like a magazine photo shoot, but the reality is that it is just a simple room that is my happy place. :)

As you can see, I can be quite messy!

There is always a coffee cup around when I work! :)

Hello new paper lanterns..........

Here is a work in progress....a huge painting that is starting to see some whimsical charactures. I am painting this one for the living room....I paint on this one every time I have left over paint from a different project.

Nothing makes me quite as happy as fingers smeared with paint on canvas, a little Jack Johnson in the background, and a cup of coffee in my hand. is the simple things really.

My studio is open 7 days a week by appointment only, if you ever want to swing by just let me know! I would love to have you over!

Happy Tuesday!

Adventures in Homebrewing......

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As some of you know, my better half likes to make beer.  Not just any beer, but the pretty much the best beer around,  or that is what I have heard anyway.  I am not to much of a beer person.....but I do like a good brew every now and then.  A few weeks ago Dan upgraded to an all grain brewing system and has been brewing up a storm. Every day when I pull into the garage I try not to cringe as I look to the right and see that he has now taken up a whole wall in the garage with homebrew equipment!  AGH! It is taking over!  Against my better judgement, I added to his homebrew supplies with a few Christmas gifts, what was I thinking?

Last week he tried using his new glass flask on the ended up boiling over all over his hand!  Who knew that homebrewing could be so dangerous? Ha! Ha! Hmmm....maybe I should have bought that Ove-Glove for his stocking?  After a trip to the doctors for some burn cream and some bandages, he is as good as new!  Well besides that peeling disgusting black and red bloody skin coming off of his hand! Yeah!

I decided to make a painting for his Homebrew Dunce Award:

Water, Malt, Hops, Yeast and Magic!!!  The recipe for a perfect homebrew!!!!!  Homebrew prints coming soon to my ETSY shop!

On a side note...what about those Seahawks???  They are going all the way baby!!!!!  Here is a photo of me holding my favorite homebrew all snuggled up in Seahawks watching the game!


End of another year. Goodbye 2013, and THANKS!

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Well here we are again.  The end of yet another year.  I really have mixed emotions about 2013.  I have had some super highs and all times lows. The first thing I want to say is THANKS!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Thank you for supporting and being interested in my EVER CHANGING art.  Without you I wouldn't be here!

My art has changed quite a bit this last year (to say the least)...and I owe it all to the awful Arts and Carafe lady who stole my painting then proceeded to teach a class on how to paint my painting.  I was so frustrated and upset that I decided to paint something so layered that nobody could copy it even if they wanted too.  This lead to some wonderful inspiration and the world of mixed media.  I have been having such a wonderful time playing around with paper, tissue, glue, paint, name it!  So fun! So I went from painting like this:

to this:

I truly love both styles.  Needless to say, I think I will always paint with over-the-top color!

Another highlight of the year was our family trip to Maui!  I never thought we would be able to take a big vacation like that with our kids, but in 2013 we pulled it off!  What a blast they had!

Yeah for boogie boarding!!!

On a bad note.....I injured my leg training for a full marathon back in July and haven't been able to run since:

I was devastated to say the least and the worst part? I have gained 12 pounds! Whaaaa! I tore my tendon and am not sure when I will be able to run again.  When I really get down in the dumps about it I try to remember how much I did accomplish before I got hurt.  I ran 18 miles without stopping. Did I mention that was WITHOUT STOPPING?  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it sure was a big deal to me.  I never in my life thought I would be able to do something like that!  I still have a dream of doing a full marathon, and I hope someday I can accomplish it!  In the mean time Dan bought me a fitbit.  I have been walking every morning!   I just love it!  10,000 steps a day!  Woohoo!

I actually took some time this year to do a painting for myself:

This has been quite a crazy year for me emotionally.  I learned how to be brave with my art, follow my intuition and believe in myself. I pushed boundaries, dared to try new materials and really tried hard not to be embarrassed of my paintings.  (this is an ongoing issue I have with myself)  It is scary throwing yourself out there to the public.

Not to sure what next year will bring.  I am embracing 2014 and hope everyone has a wonderful New Year.


Christmas is OVER!!!

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I hate to say it, but I am so glad Christmas is over.  It was a weird one this year, and to top it off, I got sick on Christmas Day.  Now I am looking around the house wondering what the heck I am going to do with all of these Christmas decorations! :)  It seems like every year we accumulate just a little bit more!  It always is a bit overwhelming to put everything away. UGH.  Just the thought of it makes me sick again. Ha! Ha!

I wanted to share a couple of paintings that I did for my family and friends this Christmas.  I wish I had the time and resources to paint a picture for everyone, so each year I have to pick and choose.  The winners for this year were my step-dad (who has been whining for a painting for months now)....and my good/evil friend Andy who amuses me everyday with his bad attitude on social media. :)

Jerry's salmon!

Here is Andy's.  Not my style at is Pennywise from the Stephen King movie "IT" gross, and I hate this painting, to freaky.  The kids were scared of it, but Andy loved it. Puke.

Merry Christmas Austin and Al!

My favorite Christmas present was Grumpy Cat!!!  Thanks Ally!

Orion and I getting our Christmas cheer on before the Ugly Sweater Party! :)

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas!

Best. Cookies. Ever.


You will never believed what arrived yesterday via Washington State Ferry.  THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  (and no I am not kidding).  Let me give you a little back story on this.  Years ago we lived on a little tiny island that sits really close to Canada.  My daughter Ally would spend every Monday at the after school children's program at the San Juan Island Library.  The after school read aloud program pretty much went like this: a group of children would sit at a table and color while a wonderful lady named Kathy would read to them.  Kathy would set out little cups of milk and serve her AMAZING chocolate chip cookies.   I was a school bus driver at the time, and after my route was done, I would swing by the library to pick her up. Every Monday I would secretly hope that only a few students would have attended so I could eat a left over cookie!!!!!

Ok, so I am not really sure how to describe these cookies.  You might think by looking at them that they are just a simple ordinary chocolate chip cookie....but they are NOT.  They are perfectly perfect.  Not over baked on the bottom....a little crisp, but not crispy....they are buttery, chocolatey,  and so delicious!  I am pretty positive that there is secret ingredient, but I cannot figure out what it is!  Dan thinks it is because they are baked with love, and I have to agree.  Maybe love is the secret ingredient.

So, to make a long story longer....(as Dan's dad would say)...Kathy sent us over a box of chocolate chip cookies from Friday Harbor! I could not believe it!  They couldn't have come on a better day....I had a terrible day at work and came home to this beautiful cookie package!  Dan was the delivery man, and I cannot believe they made it here WITHOUT being DEVOURED!  We haven't had them in years and years, and they were EXACTLY AS WE REMEMBER THEM!

Thank you so much Kathy!  It made our Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas!

She Believed So She Did.

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Finally got a little time in the studio, it has been such a crazy busy month.  I am in a bit of a panic that Christmas is 14 days away.  Still have some more shopping to do and haven't even thought about all the wrapping.  This year has been so weird for me, I am usually really organized and on top of it.  I feel all out of sorts this holiday season.  My mind tends to wander, I have a different projects started but nothing ever seems to get finished.  I can't quite seem to focus and am not really sure why.  Everything seems overwhelming.  Our family schedule is packed to the max.  Every weekend is jammed with things to do up until Christmas.  I love all of the holiday energy buzzing in the air, I just wish we had a day or two to all snuggle on the couch and watch a marathon of Christmas movies.

Worked on this mixed media painting the other day.  I just love her message.....She Believed She she did.  As my friend Ginger said, "every little girl should have this in her room".   A simple reminder to believe in ourselves.  It is amazing what we can do when we think we can!

So on that note, maybe I should start "believing" that I can clean the is a disaster!

Happy Wednesday!