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Moleskine Watercolor Book!

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Finally, finally, finally, finally got my new Moleskine Watercolor Journal the other day.  I have always been fascinated by watercolors, but I totally can't paint with them!  I thought this would  be a good way to practice.  I have kept art journals for years, and Moleskine is my favorite!  Here are some pages I have done so far.  The second one is a bit blurry, sorry! :)

Here are my 2012 resolutions!

Dan and I have been workin' out!  For a real treat, you can check out OUR FAVORITE WORKOUT SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Vic Muniz Inspiration.

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Dan and I actually had time to sit and watch a movie this weekend, which is a rare thing in this house.  We watched a beautiful touching documentary called Wasteland by Vic Muniz.  For those of you who do not know him, he is a modern art genius based out of New York City.  He is known for using materials such as chocolate, diamonds, and sugar to name a few.  He makes a sculpture and takes a photo.  If you get a chance you should check him out.   I love the fact that he has finally made it as a major artist in the world, and is giving back to his people. The documentary is based out of Brazil where Muniz was born.  His plan is to photograph "catadores" - which are pickers of recyclable materials.  He uses the garbage that surrounds them to change their life. I never knew there were actual "garbage pickers." Rio de Janeiro has the largest garbage dump in the world, who knew?  It was a real eye-opener to see people wandering around scavenging recycled materials and picking them up one by one.  It is funny how people just seem to forget about garbage and recycling when it leaves the house. People drag their cans to the end of the driveway and it just magically disappears and never thought about again.

I thought Vic did a wonderful job giving back to his country and also promoting his art.  Now if only I could have thought to make a Mona Lisa out of chocolate and peanut butter.  If you get a chance, you should see the movie, it will open your eyes.......

Here is my Vic Muniz Inspired art:

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Sculpture

Run Walk & Wag

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Keep your eye our for this funny running dude!  You can find him floating around Friday Harbor advertising the Run Walk & Wag, a family fun 5K!  I really, really, really wish I had a doggy to do this!  Can anyone loan me a dog?  Not just any dog, but a really fast healthy one so I can win the race?

Speaking of dogs.......we have really been on the fence about getting a dog here at the house!  I think I have Dan convinced!  (it hasn't been the easiest thing to do!)  The kids have been asking for a dog for years.  They promise to feed it, walk it, and take care of it. (Yeah right, I have heard that one before!)  Now we just need to figure out what kind of dog to get.....any suggestions?

Create a journal!

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I have had a journal for as long as I can remember.  It is such a great way to sit down, relax, and get some creativity flowing!  You should give it a shot!  The best part about journaling is when you get a chance to go back and skim through it years later!  It is another great way to keep memories.  Everyone creates journals differently.  I personally like the large Moleskine Sketchbooks, Prismacolor pencils and ink!  I tend to fill the whole page with pretty colors and funny drawings.  Sometimes I write things about what we did that day (to help me remember in the future), poems, or a funny story.  The Creative Journal, The Art of Finding Yourself by Lucia Capacchione is a great book to help you get going.  (Sometimes it gets pretty in depth, and a little heavy) She proposes some fun exercises to get you started! I have a special sketchbook that tags along with me when I go on vacations.  That moleskine has been through a hurricane, the jungle, and humidity to make you choke on!  A ton of my painting inspiration comes from my journals.  If I am having "artist" block, I can sit down, look through them....and get some ideas!  The kids love to look through them as well. (my journals are goofy and funny, you might create something that is more personal, and you might not want the family pouring through them, that is ok too!)  The greatest part about journaling is YOU CAN DO IT HOWEVER YOU WANT!!!! If I don't feel like coloring and drawing, sometimes I cut something out of a magazine and glue it in, and doodle around it! Here is a few of my crazy journaling pages:

December 2009

April 2010

Go ahead and give it a shot!  Journaling is sooooo fun!  You can do it whenever you want and how you want!!!!! Think outside the box and CREATE!

Happy President's Day Weekend!

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Wahoooo!  Three day weekend for my family!  The kids had a great day off from school today.  My daughter took a pottery class at Johnny Picassos in Anacortes and painted a super-rockin' peace sign!  Wahoooo!  We then proceeded to see an ambulance at Safeway (the kids thought that was amazing, so I thought I would throw that in) did a little shopping and headed to Washington Park!  After a super long hike along the rocks, we headed home for some R & R!  The weather here today was gorgeous, great day to be outside!! Can't wait for spring!  This morning, I was playing around with some mixed media.....I am trying to get my daughter to make some cool mixed-media art to sell at the farmers market.  She is so talented!  Have you ever thought about making a mixed media painting?  It is so easy and fun! What you need:

  • Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Canvas Board
  • Scrap paper (scrapbooking paper works well)
  • Mod-Podge Glue
  • Whatever else you have laying around the house....I used some pastels and markers

Steps to make it:

  • Paint the canvas board a background color
  • Take paper...cut, rip-up, and do whatever you want to it, stick it down with the glue.
  • Paint or use chalk over the top of it.
  • After your collage is finished, cover whole board with Mod-Podge Glue for a nice seal!!! TA-DA....YOU HAVE YOUR FIRST MIXED MEDIA PAINTING!!!!


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Had a great time last night playing around with watercolors with my daughter!  How FUN!  I really stink at painting with them, but thought it would be humorous to try it out.  I have a super old watercolor set (it must be 15 years old, and half of the paint is dried out) that I busted out of the closet!  I have this really great idea to make marathon cards for a few friends, but I really want to do it in watercolors, guess I best be practicing some more.  Came up with this self portrait last night.  I think it captures the weird mood I was in....I nailed the hair!  What is up with my crazy out of control hair?  It has a mind of it's own!!! I think it even has it's own heartbeat and soul.  It just does whatever it wants...literally! I can't tame it or tell it what to do, and if I try, it just freaks out even more! Ugh!

I have been thinking about some New Years Resolutions, but just can't quite pick which one I am going to commit too.  Maybe you could help me decide! Pick from A, B, or C listed below:

A.) Go super crazy and wear my hair brown for the year, not a dark brown, but a chestnut brown...whatever that means.

B.) Paint a picture a day, but not to sure I can commit to this, maybe draw a picture a day?

C.) Attend live music of some form at least one time a month.