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Good Riddance thirties.........Heeellllllooooo 40.


Well, Well, Well, here we are at the top of hill.  Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  Hmmmmm.....I will admit that I had  been down in the dumps about the whole "Over the Hill" approaching. Many whiny texts to friends (mainly Andy) about how fat, old, grey-haired, and wrinkly I have become.  It has been a long road to forty, but boy, once I started really thinking about it I have had quite a horrible 39!  So ready to get out of this year and celebrate not only a new birthday but a new decade!

Let's just take this last year in review and see just what 39 has brought:

  1. An injured leg that has taken 9 months to heal...(and still is healing....maybe because I am so old?)
  2. I was not able to complete a full marathon that I dream of finishing!
  3. I counted over 40 grey hairs and decided it was time to quit counting...ugh.
  4. Had a muscle spasm in my neck last month - which then pinched a nerve in my neck....good times.
  5. My dad was super sick and in the hospital...
  6. I bought plane tickets to see family in the Midwest that cost almost double what I thought they would be... only to find out that my brother will be flying out to Seattle the same week.  Really?  Maybe we should have met in the middle....South Dakota?
  7. I have gained 10 pounds and still can't run regularly. Ever heard that song "Baby's Got Back" by Sir Mix A lot?.......

Sooooo..............on that note.....I am READY for 40!!!  Bring it on!  There is no way that my forties will be as bad as my thirties!  I am excited for this new decade, this new adventure, and a new birthday year!  Instead of being depressed, I have turned it around...took a deep breath, closed my eyes and am now embracing 40.  I still have  a lot on my bucket list to get working on and I need to start checking things off!  Cheers to the next  ten years of love, happiness, health (cross your fingers for that tendon of mine), art, and family!



Happy May!