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A Struggling Buddha

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Started this Buddha painting a few weeks ago and cannot quite pull it together. Ok, that is an understatement....this painting has me reeling.  I have been adding layer after layer and feel like it is going nowhere.  The face just seems to be hanging there, I have tried adding a body, a open lotus flower, a closed lotus flower and so on.  I hate when this happens.  Nothing seems to be flowing right.  I have picked up this painting here and there...add a little, take a little away.  It is funny how easily I will begin to think negative thoughts of myself as an artist.  I begin to tell myself that I not very good, who do I think I am, of course I can't finish this painting...I am not a "real artist."  Once those thoughts start rushing in, it all starts going downhill.

Do you ever feel like you aren't worthy?  The ironic thing about my negativity is the fact that I am painting a Buddha.  A lover of peace and happiness; I am feeding my painting negative thoughts..........hmmmmmmmmm.

I guess I am not sure what to do with it.  Sometimes I just want to write a bad word on it and toss it in the corner.  I don't want to give up but I am starting to think that maybe this painting doesn't want to be a Buddha, maybe it wants to be something else.....

buddhabuddhaArtist block on this one for sure...I am up for any suggestions.  Your thoughts on this?  What do you do when you get stuck?