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Tacoma Narrows Bridge


I finally can take "Walking the Tacoma Narrows Bridge"  off of my BUCKET LIST!  Yahooo!  So silly to some, but I have wanted to do it since I was a little girl.  I must have driven across that bridge a million times.  Growing up on the Kitsap Peninsula, it was the gateway bridge to civilization, ha! ha!  Dan and I had a free day on Saturday without much going on, so we decided to take the walk.  The weather was overcast, but no wind......hooray!  We parked at "War Park" in Tacoma, took a little path, went over a major crosswalk  (we didn't get shot at or run over....phew!) and off we went.  I was surprised at just how long it took us.  The bridge is deceptively deceiving when you drive across.  I have quite a fear of heights now that I am older and turned into a big fat baby. So I made a mental note not to walk close to the edge and look over when we got out to the middle.

We hiked across the "New Bridge" that was just built in 2007.  It had a pleasantly large bike and pedestrian path.  Lots of people were taking walks and exercising. Nice to see folks outside on such an overcast day.  When we made it across we walked a little further before heading back and Dan risked his life finding A TREASURE!!!  It was a cute little toy bus!!!  He jumped over the median and rescued it! YEAH!  (Ok, maybe that wasn't such a grand idea, but it was fun.....)  The best part about this little adventure was that it was FREE!!!!  Me being my frugal self....yet AGAIN!  Two thumbs up for free activities!

Next up on the BUCKET LIST?  Visit the Red Hook Brewery and take a trip to Vashon Island.  I love this state! (Ok, not really....the weather is killing me!)

As soon as we got back to the car it started raining.....Phew!  We had made it!

Happy Tuesday!