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Wow, it has been a bit since I have added a new blog post!  Dan and I decided to take a much needed vacation to Belize this month.  It was wonderful to take a break from daily life, no more packing lunches for the kids, no cleaning the house, no commuting to work....10 days in Belize did the trick!  I feel so inspired since returning.  I have come up with some great new painting ideas.  Central America is so colorful!  I wish the U.S. could take some tips to brighten up this place! We had a wonderful time backpacking through the jungle.  Checking out the sleepy city of Dangriga.  We ziplined in Bocawina Park, snorkeled and fished in Tobacco Caye, followed by swimming with sea turtles in Caye Caulker!  10 days of laying in hammocks feeling the tropical breeze is bound to rest you up from life.  We meet wonderful people along the way.  Ruthie, a lady we stayed with in Dangringa, treated us as if we were her children.  A couple by the name of Jennifer and Jeremy showed us how to really relax on vacation, they spent most of their vacation sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!  Why can't I do that?  We also caught back up with Ruben at Ignacio's Cabin's, I just love that guy!  His kids were adorable.

It is always hard to return home again.  Living in the Seattle area can wear on you.  We are in the middle of July and today it is again raining.  The weather has been cool, full of thunderstorms, and wet.   I ask Dan almost every day why we live here.  His response EVERY DAY is because we have JOBS here. :)  Who needs a job anyways? We could live on the streets on some tropical island.  I could paint the sidewalks while he begs for money.  I think we would be just fine.

Here are a few highlight pictures of our trip:

Antelope Falls in Bocawina Park.

Ziplining was scary! :)

Ahhhh.....Tobacco Caye!

Carla = 3 barracuda     Dan = 0 barracuda


Mmmmm......nacho's and Belikin at the Lazy Lizard!

Ahhhhhhh! BELIZE! :)

After a long serious debate, Dan and I have decided that our next big adventure will be to Peru!  Granted, it will be a long time from now.  The kids need cars, their is college to pay for, and who knows, someday (keep your fingers crossed) I may want to move out of this wet state. For now, I will keep on painting!

Happy July!