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ragnar relay race

Ragnar Relay – Northwest Passage


Last weekend Dan and I participated in the Northwest Passage Ragnar Relay Race.  It was a 12 person, 200 mile relay that started in Blaine Washington, traveled south and ended in Langley, on Whidbey Island.  What a BLAST!  We were both pretty nervous for the race due to the fact that our training went right out the door when we went to Belize.  We did no type of training 3 weeks before the big event! AGH!  I highly DO NOT RECOMMEND preparing for a race this way, ha! ha!  I was really excited to be able to run in something like this.  I have done some half marathons, but I have never had to worry about someone waiting for me on the other end of race.  Another big concern I had was that it was in three legs, we would be up and awake for 33 hours.....taking turns. It sounded like our whole team "Chafing and On Fire" was pretty nervous before we started.  We all seemed to be second guessing ourselves, and wondering if we could actually pull it off.  Once the race began, we all settled down, and what a party we had!  I have never in my life had so much fun goofing off with people.  When you are piled in a car for hours at at time (and with no sleep) things just start getting goofy.  We were all making jokes about Body Glide, making fun of Dan (the only male runner), and laughing the whole way.  I only knew one other person on our team besides Dan, and I felt like we were all best friends at the end!  This race was amazing, challenging, and something I will never forget!  Dan was totally shocking pulling in 8 minute miles and powering over mountain hills.  I had no idea he could run like that! (I don't think he did had any idea either!)

The month of July has gone by in a flash.  Between the trip to Belize, and the relay race, I haven't had much time for art.  We have been to a few markets, but need to get back on track.  I am so excited to get back in the studio and back to creating!  Art is something that is such a big part of me.  I always feel like something is missing when I cannot spend some time in the studio.  There are some wonderful ideas that our roaming around in my head, inspired from my vacation.  Stay tuned!  For now, check out these crazy pictures of our race.  Dan and I have been smiling ever since we have been home. We just keep going over the memories......... My friend Clark described it the best: "Welcome to the bizarre world of running."

When Pigs Fly…..

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Hmmmm......a couple of things:

1. Dan will buy me a pug, when pigs fly.

2. I will come in first in the Ragnar Relay Race, when pigs fly.

3. Ally will stop asking to get her hair dyed blue, when pigs fly.

4. I will win the Mega Millions, when pigs fly.

Yep, I could go on and on, but I will spare you.

We are on count down here, final week of school!  Do you know what that means?  NO MORE PACKING LUNCHES!  So excited!

Happy Monday!

A Birthday Weekend!


Woooo-hooooo!  Today is Orion's 11th birthday! :)  We all had an AWESOME time this weekend.  Yesterday we headed to Seattle with O's friend and had a blast at GAMEWORKS!  After hours of video games, lots and lots of pizza, prizes, and stuffed animals.....we headed home for cake and ice cream.  The kids were all pooped at the end of the day.  :)

I haven't had a lot of time to paint this week, which is a bummer.  I did find some time last night to do some updating on the website.  I uploaded some new work, and plan on adding a portfolio page of my best work.  It is a slow process, but I have made it a top priority to get it done! My goal is to have everything current by the end of the week!  I have limited myself to only an hour of Facebook this week as a motivator, ha! ha!

D and I have been training daily for our big race next month.  I swear by the time we finish it, I am never running again!  Today we put in 6 miles.....I am exhausted! :) I am in 27 miles this week.  What on earth were we thinking signing up for a 200 mile relay race???  When I get my medal at the finish line, I will fall on the ground, roll around, and cry!

Next weekend is Dan's birthday, plus we have the farmers market, AND it is Father's Day! Whew! Sounds like we have another whirlwind weekend!

Happy Sunday!