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Got a couple of commissions done recently and thought I would share them with you.  Commissioned pieces always make me nervous.  I am always scared that they aren't going to turn out like the client is expecting.

Meet Sid.  This big fur ball looks just like a human!  I think it is his eyes!  Truly looks like someone is wearing a costume! :)  This is second painting I have painted for  a gentleman living in Ohio.  This was such a challenging painting for me to do.  I actually had to have my friend Andy give me some tips on how to make this dog come to life.

browndog1 brown-dog-6

Now it is time to meet "Bla-Bla".....a little girl's favorite stuffed animal.  This family had purchased an original sock monkey and come up with the idea to have me paint their daughters best friend!

blahblah1blahblah2bla-blaHappy Monday!