Carla's Funky Art

Goldfish Kiss - The progression of a painting


Hey guys!  Just finished up a big painting a few days ago.  I forgot how much I LOVE painting big.  I don't get a chance to do it very often because they are hard to sell at art festivals when they won't even fit into your car, ha! ha!  I have several large painting hung in my house, and love them so much!  This one was painted to hang in my living room and is titled "GOLDFISH KISS."  It has about 25 layers of paint on it. It is so freeing to paint like this, large strokes painting over and over.  I called this one my "Outside Muse" because I would often paint on the back patio on sunny summer days.  This painting has taken me almost a year to complete, check it out:


You can see this guy up close and personal, and will be for sale at the Anacortes Arts Festival! Hope to see you there!!!  Happy Summer!