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She Believed So She Did.

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Finally got a little time in the studio, it has been such a crazy busy month.  I am in a bit of a panic that Christmas is 14 days away.  Still have some more shopping to do and haven't even thought about all the wrapping.  This year has been so weird for me, I am usually really organized and on top of it.  I feel all out of sorts this holiday season.  My mind tends to wander, I have a different projects started but nothing ever seems to get finished.  I can't quite seem to focus and am not really sure why.  Everything seems overwhelming.  Our family schedule is packed to the max.  Every weekend is jammed with things to do up until Christmas.  I love all of the holiday energy buzzing in the air, I just wish we had a day or two to all snuggle on the couch and watch a marathon of Christmas movies.

Worked on this mixed media painting the other day.  I just love her message.....She Believed She she did.  As my friend Ginger said, "every little girl should have this in her room".   A simple reminder to believe in ourselves.  It is amazing what we can do when we think we can!

So on that note, maybe I should start "believing" that I can clean the is a disaster!

Happy Wednesday!