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Last post for the month!

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I have been pretty proud of myself lately with my blog.  It is hard to find the time to write on here, plus take care of the family and work my real job! :)  The website itself is a disaster and needs to be updated horribly.  I am thinking that next year I will down size or change it up a bit so I can keep up.

We had an AWESOME MEMORIAL WEEKEND.  We decided to take the kids and their friends to the beach cabin this weekend.  Mother nature actually cooperated and it only rained once.  Granted, it is always windy at the cabin but we were prepared.  This was the first summer cabin camp-out of the year, and it is always quite interesting to see how it goes.  For starters, we were not able to find a spatula (umm...where did it go?). So we spent the weekend flipping pancakes and burgers with a pie server.  We also realized we only have one set of sheets for the master bedroom after a puppy peed on the bed.  (at least she peed on Dan's side.)  The hot water tank has decided to leak so we took turns emptying the little dixie cup that we jimmy-rigged together.

The kids enjoyed the beach by digging holes with shovels......making a wall barrier to stop the water from coming in on high-tide, and finding treasures on the beach.  Every little thing they found last weekend they thought was from the Japanese tsunami. We made smores on an open fire and even told a few ghost stories....ooooo...spooky!  Dan caught a little baby fish which was better than being skunked I guess.  We visited with cousin's John and Linda (their cabin is right next door) and even shared a few home brews.

Overall, it was a great weekend!

My bro Marshall, step-dad Jerry and the big D!

Orion and Gabrielle hangin' on the beach.....

Ally and Hailey being teens as usual....

Beth and I!  We have been friends for 30 years!!! WOW I am old!

Dan's baby fish!

Well, with all that beach time we got me thinkin'........

I have been having day dreams of me on the beach in the Caribbean, warm sun, sandy toes, and is my self-portrait for today:

Happy End of May!