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Best. Cookies. Ever.


You will never believed what arrived yesterday via Washington State Ferry.  THE BEST CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!  (and no I am not kidding).  Let me give you a little back story on this.  Years ago we lived on a little tiny island that sits really close to Canada.  My daughter Ally would spend every Monday at the after school children's program at the San Juan Island Library.  The after school read aloud program pretty much went like this: a group of children would sit at a table and color while a wonderful lady named Kathy would read to them.  Kathy would set out little cups of milk and serve her AMAZING chocolate chip cookies.   I was a school bus driver at the time, and after my route was done, I would swing by the library to pick her up. Every Monday I would secretly hope that only a few students would have attended so I could eat a left over cookie!!!!!

Ok, so I am not really sure how to describe these cookies.  You might think by looking at them that they are just a simple ordinary chocolate chip cookie....but they are NOT.  They are perfectly perfect.  Not over baked on the bottom....a little crisp, but not crispy....they are buttery, chocolatey,  and so delicious!  I am pretty positive that there is secret ingredient, but I cannot figure out what it is!  Dan thinks it is because they are baked with love, and I have to agree.  Maybe love is the secret ingredient.

So, to make a long story longer....(as Dan's dad would say)...Kathy sent us over a box of chocolate chip cookies from Friday Harbor! I could not believe it!  They couldn't have come on a better day....I had a terrible day at work and came home to this beautiful cookie package!  Dan was the delivery man, and I cannot believe they made it here WITHOUT being DEVOURED!  We haven't had them in years and years, and they were EXACTLY AS WE REMEMBER THEM!

Thank you so much Kathy!  It made our Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas!