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Got a couple of commissions done recently and thought I would share them with you.  Commissioned pieces always make me nervous.  I am always scared that they aren't going to turn out like the client is expecting.

Meet Sid.  This big fur ball looks just like a human!  I think it is his eyes!  Truly looks like someone is wearing a costume! :)  This is second painting I have painted for  a gentleman living in Ohio.  This was such a challenging painting for me to do.  I actually had to have my friend Andy give me some tips on how to make this dog come to life.

browndog1 brown-dog-6

Now it is time to meet "Bla-Bla".....a little girl's favorite stuffed animal.  This family had purchased an original sock monkey and come up with the idea to have me paint their daughters best friend!

blahblah1blahblah2bla-blaHappy Monday!

Meet Maddie and Olive……..

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Hey's me AGAIN!!!  Two posts in a week?  What?  What?  Ooooo ya baby, back in the groove.  Studio is clean, and I feel like I am getting back on track.  Haven't had to much time to paint, but I can't wait to get started on a few pieces that have been mulling around in my head.

Here are the latest commissioned pieces I have been working on.  These guys were so fun to paint!  Meet Olive, the sassy queen kitty.  Sounds like she is full of herself so I painted her on a pedestal, wearing a crown of course!!!!!  I struggled with Maddie the dog, quite a bit, and painted her over twice!  Mad's signature move is the cross-legged lay down position, which was "oh so" hard for me.  I do like how she turned out in the end!  Judy, the pet's owner picked the back ground colors of coral and turquoise.  These paintings will be hung in her newly remodeled studio!!!!!  Hurray!  I hope she sends me a picture once they are hung!  For now, they are all boxed up and headed out to the post office today!!!

So cute and colorful!!!!  Hey speaking of colorful, Dan and I signed up for the Color Run on May 12th in excited!!!!!  Really wanted to do this last year but missed it!!!!  Come on out and run with us!

Happy Thursday!

Will Work For Clogs……

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One of my favorite things about Facebook has been the chance to be able to hook up with long lost friends.  I have been able to connect with so many long time friends from high school.  These are people I probably would never have been able to talk to again without that silly social website.  About a year ago, I received a commission piece for a bubble tree painting from an old high school friend.  It was a surprise for his wife. Dan and I had the opportunity to deliver it and met his wonderful family, and beautiful house. (I am still trying to figure out a way that we can house swap!)

The one thing I noticed while visiting with them, is that his wife had about 200 pairs of Dansko Clogs in every style and color!  I love, love, love Dansko Clogs.  It is the only shoe I wear to work!  I asked my friend Carl why she has sooooo many pairs of AWESOME clogs?  His reply back was priceless: "I buy her a pair of clogs every time I buy a major purchase for toys.....etc."  That way she won't be mad.  (or something along those lines.)  WOW, I thought to myself.......I need Dan to start doing something like that.  Ha! Ha!

So long story ONE PAIR of Dansko clogs got a hole in them a few weeks ago.  Out of desperation I emailed Carl, and asked if his wife would give me a loaner pair. (totally joking of course.)  A few days later he emailed back and said they ordered a pair for me, and they should be arriving in the mail!!!! In exchange, I would paint their little three doxies!!!  NOW THAT IS AN AWESOME TRADE!!!!  It was so fun to wait around by the mailbox to see which ones they ordered.  I had no idea what color or style they would be.  When those clogs showed up at the house......THEY WERE THE PERFECT SHOES FOR ME!!!!!  CHECK EM' OUT!


Here are their 3 adorable little pups.....and what I painted for them:

This was so fun on so many different levels!  The surprises were great on both ends, I had no idea what they were going to send, and they had no idea what their painting was going to turn out like!!!!

I even received a BONUS when we delivered this painting.....AN EXTRA PAIR OF DANSKO CLOGS plus PUG SOCKS!!! Yahoooooo!  Do you know what this means?

Crazy Clogs + Black Clogs+ Pug Socks = Custom Dog Painting.

Seeing old high school friends, and hanging out with a wonderful family? Priceless.

A big shout out THANK YOU to the JOHNSON Family for a  FUN TRADE!!! One of the coolest things I have done! :)

Sisters on the Fly!

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Last year I did a blog post a Sunset Magazine article I read about Sisters on the Fly.  If you are not familiar with this group of ladies, you should take a peek at their website.  They travel around together and camp in their VINTAGE TRAILERS that are PAINTED!!!!  Can you imagine???  I still want a trailer of my own so bad!  I check in the paper all the time and on Craigslist, but still no luck.  I did find a little red 74' Scamp that I fell in love with, but am waiting to win the lottery first! The first thing I am going to do when I get my trailer is paint daisies on it!  Lots and lots of daisies!

I received an email from sister # 1831, she asked me to paint her trailer "Ramble Inn" and a few other pieces for a silent auction that is coming up in June.  Here is what I came up with:

Monkey Penguin?

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Thought I would share with you a little commissioned piece I did the other day.  Meet monkey penguin!  What exactly is a monkey penguin you ask???  Who knows!  I  met a gentleman by the name of Rob at the farmers market the other day.  Apparently he calls his girlfriend "monkey" and she wears penguin pajamas!  Not just any penguin jammies, but the kind that zip up and have feet!  Yahooo!  Now that is lady I would like to meet! :)

I love doing fun little commissioned pieces like this......c' know this little painting makes you smile!

Happy June!

Mean Mama….

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Well, it has been a little bit since I have done a blog post, so I thought I had better get on it! :)  Haven't had a lot of time here lately, to busy exercising and losing weight, YAHOOOO!  So, the other day, my daughter brought her art portfolio home from school.  (which was AWESOME by the way, not that I am bragging or anything.)  We shuffled through her papers and came across this really cool Picasso project.  As soon as I saw it, I thought it was so cool!  Picasso is one of my inspirations when painting, love, love, love him!  Ok, so anyways.....I asked Ally if I could have the picture for my art studio.  She proceeded to go ON and ON about how much she HATED THE PICTURE THAT SHE MADE, and didn't care for Picasso.  She has never been much into surreal art, and she never has anything nice to say about my abstract faces that I paint.  So after about an hour of her ranting, she finally gave me the picture to hang.......

If you know us at all, we are family that loves to play tricks on each other.  We are always goofing around, laughing and being obnoxious!  Ally is gone this weekend to visit her friends in Friday Harbor, so I came up with an AWESOME idea!  Why not paint her Picasso picture and hang it in her room while she is gone????  That is exactly what I did!  I cannot wait for her to get home tonight and head into her room......the first thing she is going to do is yell.............."MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!"  She is going to freak out and be sooooooo mad!  It is going to be GREAT!

Mom = 1 point.

Ally = 0

Ally's Art Project

Ally's New Painting!!!!

"If you are too busy to laugh, you are too busy."  ~Proverb

Egyptian Banana Dog!

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Yahooooo for Bananas!  Meet "Rogue", the Pharaoh Hound that loves banana's!!!!!  I have never met a dog that loved bananas before, so when I heard his story, I knew he MUST have a banana on his collar!  :)

I did a little research on this breed....sounds like they are SUPER COOL!  They love to hunt, very active....and highly intelligent.  I couldn't quite figure out if they were exactly from Egypt or from Malta, many websites said different things.  (if you know the answer to that one, let me know)  I love the big ears, and that super long tongue, so funny!

banana-lovin' dog = awesome.

*****Maybe with all this dog talk, Dan will break down and buy me that PUG!********

My Three Pups….

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Well, here is my latest painting!!!!!  Inspired by my high school friend Carl, who has three little dachshunds!  Carl ordered a bubble tree painting for his wife, and we had the opportunity to deliver it to his house over Thanksgiving!  We loved his home and his family, and his adorable little pups!  They all had matching bandanas with their name on them!  I want a dog so bad!  Not just any dog, but a PUG PUPPY!  Of course, Dan says "NOWAY JOSE!"  So not fair!  I think my next painting is going to be a cute little pug puppy with a santa hat! Do you think that will be a big enough hint? :)

I do want to apologize for the lack of blog posts here lately.  I have been overwhelmed with the holiday shows.  I am way behind on painting, and updating my website.  My New Years Resolution is going to be to GET MY WEBSITE UP TO DATE!  There are so many paintings that are not listed on here, that goes for my ETSY site as well!  UGH!  I will make 2012 my goal for getting back on track!

Don't forget the Holiday Express Show is this upcoming Saturday from 9-4!  After the show I am taking a HOLIDAY BREAK!  I think some homemade spiked eggnog is in order!


Meet Max…..

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Meet MAX!  Isn't he handsome?  He was a commissioned piece I did for a guy in OHIO! This was a fun project for me for two reasons.  First, I grew up with boxers running around the house.  They are sooooo friendly and full of slobber!  :)  Second of all, Ohio is my SECOND favorite state!  Of course, I have to pick Washington because I live here!

Thank you RICK for finding my website, putting up with my dad at work, and asking me to paint your pup!  I hope your wife liked her gift!  Now everyone who comes over to your house will know how much she "loves her dog!"

Run Walk & Wag

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Keep your eye our for this funny running dude!  You can find him floating around Friday Harbor advertising the Run Walk & Wag, a family fun 5K!  I really, really, really wish I had a doggy to do this!  Can anyone loan me a dog?  Not just any dog, but a really fast healthy one so I can win the race?

Speaking of dogs.......we have really been on the fence about getting a dog here at the house!  I think I have Dan convinced!  (it hasn't been the easiest thing to do!)  The kids have been asking for a dog for years.  They promise to feed it, walk it, and take care of it. (Yeah right, I have heard that one before!)  Now we just need to figure out what kind of dog to get.....any suggestions?


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Here is two commissioned pieces that I worked on last week!  I love how they turned out!  The proud owners of the Casita trailer is Buzz and Lee Barnett.  They have an adorable little brown pup that travels with them on their camping adventures.  :)

Back View!

Side View!

A big shout-out "THANK YOU" to The Barnett's!  Thank you so much for supporting my art!  I hope some day I can have a trailer too, and travel all around the country!  For now, I am just going to make Dan work a lot so I can stay home and paint, paint, paint! :)  Happy Camping!

A Gummy Bear Wedding

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Thought I would share this little funny painting with you.  This was one of my favorite commissioned pieces that I have ever done!!! I just loved the funny story behind it.  A girl I work with commissioned a piece to give to her friends as a wedding present.   So the story goes something along the lines of this:

Once upon a time there were a group of friends that went to college together at Central Washington University.  Their favorite thing to do on the weekends was to PARTY IT UP..... of course!  They would always head to the Starlight Lounge for gummy bear martinis. (I have never heard of a gummy bear martini, but I HAVE TO TRY ONE!)

Here is there wedding portrait!!!! That is them standing there in front of the Starlight Lounge with a gummy bear peeking out the window! He is now a firefighter, so it is extra funny to have him in his uniform holding her in a wedding dress!  Ha! Ha! I think this is going to make the perfect bathroom painting!

I have no idea who the couple is, but I can tell you......when I finished this painting...I hung it in my kitchen for a few days and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!  It made me smile EVERYDAY!

EDASC Fundraiser

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Dan and I headed off last Friday to the Ecomonic Developement Association of Skagit Valley's Fundraiser.  It took place at Avalon Golf Course over in Mount Vernon.  What a beautiful evening for a fundraiser.  The sun was actually out.  I donated a bubble tree painting for their silent auction.  We had a wonderful time at the venue which included wine and beer tasting, dancing with River Talk, and meeting some new wonderful people.  Overall it was a SUCCESS!  We even talked  a little "golf" which by the way we know nothing about!  I might have to put "learning how to play golf" on my bucket list.  I think I might enjoy it, if someone could just teach me how to play left-handed!  Great way to spend our Friday evening!  Well, I have a hundred and one things to do today, so I am off of the computer for the DAY!  Happy Weekend!

Class of 2011

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Got a last minute request from the Class of 2011 Seniors at Anacortes High School.  They wanted me to do a commissioned piece for their high school counselor.  I was honored that they asked me to paint it for them.  They had this great idea of painting her "juggling the students.....because every time they go into her office she is so busy helping them!"  I thought it was very touching that they came up with the idea on their own.  I really wish I knew the counselor because she sounds AMAZING!  She helped them raise a ton of money this year in scholarships!  I also wish I would have gotten a better photo of this painting, but at least I remembered to grab a shot of it before heading out the door to deliver it! :)


Hellllooooo Sunday.......

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Welp folks!!!!! It is Sunday night, and I promised I would get some commissioned pieces up by the end of the week!!!! Sooooo.....even though it is super late (ok, it is only 9:30 p.m. but this girl is an early bird) I am staying up to share some of my latest pieces!  By the owe me one!  Ha!  Ha!  We have had a crazy busy week....I have been working at Anacortes Kayak Tours, which I LOVE, my daughter is getting ready for her big promotion from elementary school and my step-son just had his tenth birthday!  The good news is......(drum roll....)........WE MADE IT THROUGH THE WEEK!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Here is another cat butt painting.....hee!  hee!

Here is an "eye thank you" eye chart for a lady who is going to give her eye doctor a thank you gift.....apparently his wife likes to dress in sexy clothes, so her thank you gift is below!!!!! :)

I would like to show you a few more, but you are just going to have to wait.  They are presents for people and I don't want to give away any surprises!!!!  Stay tuned for my commissioned piece that I made for Fildago Elementary!  I am waiting for some photos!  Ok peeps, it is way past my bedtime....almost 9:45.......nighty nite!!!!

April Commissioned Pieces

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So I have had some requests to start posting some of the commissioned pieces I have been working on.  April has been a BUSY art month for me! That is GOOD NEWS! Here are a few of the latest! I love it when people come up with personal funny ideas and then ask me to paint them.  The sock monkey below is a classic example!  What could be better for a mechanics wife than to have a ROCKIN' SOCK MONKEY painting of her husband holding a wrench! Ha! Ha!

Yahoooooo for sock monkeys!

This one is going into a nursery......awwww.....this one is going to be perfect for a little tiny baby! :)

Who doesn't love crazy peacocks????

A BIG THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to all of you supporting my art!  There are more pictures to come, but right now...I am off to paint!

Paideia Auction

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Got this one done last week just in time for the Paideia School Auction at the end of the month on April 30th.  All of you San Juan Island Folks should head down and make a bid!  I have been working on quite a few commissioned pieces the past two weeks.  I am currently working on a super funny sock monkey and one crazy peacock!  Should be interesting to see how they turn out!  The market went well this last weekend.  Sold quite a few paintings and had some fabulous KETTLE CORN!  I swear I could eat a whole large bag by myself!  Well, I have a ton to get done this week, so I am off to paint!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!Bubble Tree

Motorcycle Mama!


Here is a quick little painting that I made for my friend Holly!   This is the cutest little story ever.  I received a text from Holly's daughter Kendra a few days before we moved.  Kendra is a freshman in high school.  She wanted to know if I would paint a picture for her mom for a Christmas present!  What a thoughtful thing, coming from a teenager daughter!!! :)  My favorite thing about this painting is that the front tire looks flat, but the chick is still rockin' it!   Holly loves motorcycles, and is A SUPER COOL CHICK!  I thought she would look extra hot in polka-dot pants, and a bright pink helmet!  One of the things on my "bucket list" is to own a motorcycle and wear black leather pants!  Who doesn't feel cool in leather pants, leather jacket (which has to be hot pink) and a bike helmet?!?!?!  I have visions of riding around the state, checkin' out the local dive taverns, and maybe gettin' in a cool fight or two!

Facebook and Friends

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Four Crazy Daisies So here are a few things that I have figured out through all of this. One, I am not a forgive me if sentences and punctuation are all screwed up!  Two, I love selling paintings to old high school friends on Facebook.  You are probably thinking  that I must be totally lame (I have considered this about myself, ha! ha!).  For example, I just made these crazy daisies for a friend that I went to South Kitsap with.  I haven't talked to her in years.  She sent me a message on Facebook, explaining that she always wondered what I had done with my art, and would love to commission some paintings.  The best part was that after the paintings were finished, I was able to deliver them to her. We met at an Old Navy parking lot (the day after Thanksgiving, the BIGGEST shopping day of the do not image an empty parking lot, it was CRAZY!)  It was great to meet up with her and see that she is still looks and acts the same as in high school!  I had forgotten how fun and energetic her personality was!!!  I was also able to meet her little boy and husband.  Without Facebook, I may have never talked to her again!  I have sold several paintings to old high school friends on Facebook.  It has been a blast from the past and brings back so many memories......So for all  you people that make fun of Facebook, you might want to might be missing out......