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Hello? Is it me your looking for? (Re-read in Lionel Richie Voice)

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You guys!  I have abandoned my blog?  Why you ask???  I JUST DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME IN MY DAY!  Working a "real" job, plus trying to paint, AND exercise, AND RUN A BUSINESS all at the same time. It was to much. So overwhelming, so I just gave up.  Also, 2015 hasn't been so kind to me.  I started off having big plans for 2015, new website, more propanels, a laptop to easily write these darn blog posts!  All of that went down the tubes when I had knee surgery, my step-dad has been super sick, and did I mention the orthodontic office I work for moved to a new location?   The gallery in Bellingham that sold my art went out of business.  It truly has been one thing after another.  2015 has been draining and overwhelming this year!

So lets see, since it has been months....let me fill you in on what you missed. Lets go Month by month shall we? October, you missed Ally's Sweet Sixteen birthday! What a blast! The kids spent the day doing a scavenger hunt through town, photos in a dress up booth and an elegant dinner of spaghetti and Caesar salad.  The evening ended with a surprise visit from a limousine which proceeded to take them to The Big Scoop Ice Cream Parlor!


In November we headed on out to Carson City to see Dan's parents for Thanksgiving!  I finally got to meet Dan's brother for the first time! So fun! We had a great time catching up, and my favorite part was seeing a holiday show at the El Dorado Hotel in Reno.  The weather always seems so nice in Nevada, we may just have to move there.


My December picture should be about the holidays but instead I will show you a picture of my new dining room table!  Isn't it crazy!  It was such a BAD idea to start a project like this during the holidays, what was I thinking?  The table itself has layer after layer of acrylic paint.  I love how the chairs are different colors.  I honestly can't believe Dan has put up with it, ha! ha!  It truly is just temporary until we can afford a nice dining room table and chairs; have you priced those things lately? Wowza!


In January, we started the New Year off right when my son and his girlfriend came over to celebrate New Years Eve.  We spent the evening playing board games, so hilarious! These two are so so dang sweet.


February, right after the holidays, I ended up tearing my meniscus in my knee!  Bummer!  As most of you know, I love running, and this news was devastating.  I really wasn't prepared for this kind of news but decided to get it fixed right away so I could hit the pavement.  Dan and I have already signed up for several non-refundable half marathons this summer. (so keep your fingers crossed for a quick recovery.  So far things haven't gone so well)


March was inspiring!!!  I hade been laid up for a while, but my friend Dana suggested that I do a children's book! Thanks Dana for the awesome fun idea!  I have always wanted to make a children's book!  Here is a sampling below.  I thought I would start by doing a simple ABC animal book and see how that goes. Happy animals make me smile!!! I do have a great story that I would like to work on next!


For my April picture I wanted to share that my style seems to be changing once again, but I am just going with it.  I guess this is the ever changing artist in me. I feel like this past winter has been a mix of emotions. I have been frustrated with not being able to keep up and I really wish I had more time to dedicate to my art. I didn't get a chance to offer any classes this year, and still feel completely unorganized.  One positive thing about this winter is that I have had some time to really play with colors.  Like this:


(I think I am diggin' it! :)

As for May....lets talk about what is happening today and in the future.  Lets see.....I am getting ready to do my FIRST farmers market this weekend.  I am nervous and excited all at the same time!!!! I just put my art in THE MYSTICAL MERMAID store in FRIDAY HARBOR for all of you islanders looking for my work!  Go on in and take a peek!  Brian is a super nice guy, he can even show you the Venus Fly traps for sale in the back of the store! SO COOL!


In June I decided that I am dialing back the market this year and plan on doing more art festivals. I will be at The Anacortes Farmers Market on June 6th, July 25th and August 9th.  If you are looking for me this can find me here:


Thanks everyone for the continued support!  I cant believe it has been 5  years!!!  This little business of mine started off with a drug store canvas and some old craft paintings and has grown every year!!!  All of this is possible because of YOU!!!!  I am so grateful!


The Heart of the Market

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This summer has been my 4th summer at the Anacortes Farmers Market.  I was able to jump on board right after we moved from Friday Harbor.  Being a vendor at the market was one of the best decisions I ever made.  First of all, it is where I met my first friends here in Anacortes.  One of my very best friends is Keri the market manager.  Who knows where I would be if I hadn't met her.  She let me into the market and showed me the ropes about Anacortes. I love so many of the vendors, it is like I have a second family on Saturday mornings.  Second, it has been really great for my business.  I have repeat customers, collectors, and the community recognizes my art.  It has been overall a wonderful experience to be a part of this community weekly event.

Well, this past weekend was one of those awful days.  If you are a vendor, you will know what I am talking about.  It was one of those jaw-dropping, knock the wind out of you,  barely make your booth fee kind of days.   A few little sales here and there but overall have a horrible business day. Nobody buys anything, and you just sit there.  You sit there and think.  These days are the worst, especially this last Saturday.  The sun was out, lots of people milling around, a beautiful July Saturday morning.  You wonder why nobody is going into your booth, you start second guessing everything.  Your art stinks, you shouldn't be here, you are wasting your time and everyone else's just being there.  You should stop breathing because you taking someone else's oxygen....someone better than you. :)

I hate those kind of days.  Not from the fact  that I didn't make any money, but from the fact that I will continue to sabotage myself and second guess everything.  It was especially hard sitting down there all day after coming off of a great festival the weekend before.  I did have one older gentleman come seek me out after seeing my art at Starbucks, that made me feel good.

So, as I sat there feeling awful about myself, I really started thinking about the market.  This farmers market has been SO MUCH MORE about making money for my business. It is a second family to me, a part of me, something I truly love being a part of.  The heart of the market isn't about sales, it is about community.  Granted, (I know what you are thinking) of course we all have to make a little money otherwise we wouldn't be there...but it is so much more than that!!!  I love that little community market.  The customers, the vendors, the food, the dogs, the music, Clover, the balloon fairy, all of it.  THAT is the HEART of the market.

So, I put my pride aside.....realized that there are good days and bad days in sales, took a deep breath realized I was just happy to be there.

market1market3 market2market3market9market4market6market8market7

Weekends are Flying Fast!

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Holy Smokers.....the weekends are flying by like a whirlwind!  Last weekend was so crammed, I can't believe we made it through!  We started off the weekend with the Fish Show here in Anacortes.  I could not believe how many people were out and about for First Friday Art Walk, YAY!  Swarms of people everywhere!  So amazing to see people supporting local art! I paid Ally to be my date for the night..(which she did for 5 minutes and then ended up ditching me for friends) we are loving my mermaid painting, ha! ha!


After checking out the Fish Show, I did hit several studio's to check out some other local artists.  KP Studio's had the high school student show for spring.  My daughter's friend Breanna Blakely made this amazing sculpture!  I told Ally to make sure to stay friends with her so we can have her autograph things when she is famous! Go Breanna!!! :)


On Saturday, I spent most of the day at the market by myself. :(  This is pretty unusual because Dan is almost always with me.  He was suffering from "Pain in the Ass" syndrome.  Literally!  He fell on his tailbone a few weeks ago at Absolute Air, a trampoline park in Arlington.  He was trying to be all "hip and cool" and showed the kids how to do a double back flip jumpy thing, but things went horribly awry. Instead of landing on his feet....he landed...well.....on his butt with his legs in the air............ON THE METAL BAR that had maybe a centimeter of padding!!!!  AGH!!!!  He bruised his Coccyx and is having a REALLY HARD TIME (snicker, snicker).  Instead of sharing a picture of his butt, I will spare you and provide this photo of my booth at the market... (you owe me)


After the market, I dropped off Ally at the Catapult Fest, a music concert at the Port Warehouse.  I was suppose to go and watch her friend Pearl Tottenham open for the show but I ended up giving up my tickets to my daughter's friends. (that is whole other story, but I can tell you I got the better end of the bargain.)  Pearl and Ally have been friends for a long time.  I can remember when Pearl would be belting out of tune songs in the car in grade school!  So amazing that she was able to preform at the concert, and pretty bummed that I missed it! Here is a flyer that I found in town:


Sunday was cleaning out the garage day, which was much needed!  We now can park in there AND open our car doors!  YAY US!

  I did get a few hours of down time and was able to get some art journaling are couple of pages:

weekend5 weekend3

P.s. My brother Clayton really did graduate Valdictorian....and I hate him for being such a SMARTYPANTS!!!!!!  No fair!!!!  How come I have to the be the flighty air-head artist one???

Hope you guys all had a great weekend too!  We are gearing up for another crazy weekend ahead....only this time??? Seattle, visit with out-of-state relatives, a market and TWO BIRTHDAYS!!!!  AGH!!!!  Stay tuned, I am slowing going out of my mind, so the next blog post should be interesting!!! :)


Sick and Busy....

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AGH you guys!!!  I have been so sick!  Haven't been this sick in years and I feel like it is never going to go all the way away!  I am on my 9th day, and still feel bad......although I think I have rounded the bend and starting to mend.  (Did you catch that? It rhymed!)  Sorry I haven't kept my promise of blogging twice a week, I just couldn't do it!  Things have been so hectic around here and I truly feel like I am one step away from a nervous breakdown.  Between the car accident, being sick, art deadlines, and the washer breaking I feel as though I have been hit by a bus!

I have this horrible habit of over committing myself and never saying no.  I have sat back and realized that I could have said "no" to several things last week and my life would have been so much easier and maybe I wouldn't have gotten quite so sick.  I should have said "no" to having a  booth at the farmers market on Saturday.  I should have said "no" to the lady that wanted her painting finished by this week.  I should have said "no" to the repair guy when he asked if it was ok to bring the washer next week.  I should have said "no".  Bottom line.....I need to learn how to give myself a break!  My entire life has been this path of overcommitting, and trying to make everyone else happy.  You would think at the age of 40 I would have figured it out. :)  Do you ever overcommit?

I am taking today to give my body time to heal, take a rest and try not to feel guilty about it.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.  It started off like this:

weekendthen I ran over to the laundry mat to wash everyone's clothes (which wasn't the best idea I have ever had):

weekend-2 after the laundry got done I felt like this (WARNING: be prepared for gigantic sick selfie):

weekend-1Soooooo......with that being said.....the lesson of this blog post????? STOP DOING SO MUCH STUFF AND TAKE TIME TO LET YOUR BODY HEAL!  LEARN HOW TO SAY NO!!!!!!

I admit it, I totally over did it this weekend and paid the price.  Lesson learned.  (Ya right).

We are gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend here in Anacortes.  I have my fingers crossed for sunshine!!!

Hope to see you at the market, we will be there! (and I promise not to show up if I am super sick, ha! ha!)



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Wow guys!  This has been the craziest week EVER!!!!!  I promised to blog atleast twice a week, so here I am.  Truly.... I am in a big fat rush and haven't had one single minute to relax this week.  Soooo.....on that note, let me wrap this up in a nutshell.

First of all THE ANACORTES FARMERS MARKET OPENING DAY IS TOMORROW!  I can't wait!  Seriously, I CAN'T WAIT!!  So excited to show everyone this years originals.  Art from the Heart.....ha! ha!  Unfortunatley I will not be attending at my booth tomorrow.  Dan is going to run it for me because I will busy teaching a workshop at the NORTHWEST MUSEUM OF ART!  Yay!  So excited to share that project with you!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Ok, so the second crazy piece to this CRaZY is that this happened:

friday-1I am soooo grateful that THIS GUY is alright!!!

friday-2Long story short, just our luck that he gets hit by a crazy drug lady driving on a suspended license and NO INSURANCE!  Ugh.  What a week.  Did I mention that our  washer broke yesterday too?  I am seriously ready for a new where is my glass of wine? :)

Happy Friday (and I did it!!! Two blog posts this week!!! YAY ME!!)


Welcome April

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Welcome Spring!  Yep, pretty much been forever since I have been on here.  So busy between art and my ortho job.  Lots going on with the family too!  The kids are busy in activities, parents have been sick, and there just doesn't seem like there is enough time in the day.

I don't have a ton of time this morning but I wanted to share some recent art that I have been working on!


Dan and I also did a quick trial run a few weeks ago with some new additions to our art booth, what do you think?

I wish we would have added the back wall when we took the picture but some people commented that they like how open the space was.  We are gearing up for the farmers market that begins next month.  I sat down and went over our summer schedule.  We are booked every weekend from May 10th until September!  AGH!!!!  Gonna be one CRAZY summer!  I can't wait!!  We added some extra art festivals this season.  I am currently working on a schedule so you are able to find me!

I am also starting to teach classes, so stay tuned for more information.

Happy Spring!

Life the past few weeks.

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Been crazy busy here!  Just got back from a 5 day vacation visiting family down on the Kitsap Peninsula. We had a wonderful time visiting, Christmas shopping and getting caught up on TV!!!!  Thanks Jerry for having cable and a BIG screen!  Woohooooo!  We missed the Apple Cup on Friday which was a bummer.  I almost broke down and bought cable today.  The Seahawks are on Monday Night Football tonight and I will miss it!  Whaaaaaa!

The annual Farmers Market Holiday Show was last weekend.  What a blast!  Thank you Anacortes for another successful show!  It is truly my favorite show of the year.  Love the Port Warehouse when it is all decorated, so festive!  Great vendors, good vibes, and awesome food!  I don't think I quit eating the entire time.

I sold my favorite painting "Bubble Blower" last weekend as well.  I was so sad to see it go.  The good news is, you can find it hanging over at "Pearl Buttons" in old town Anacortes.   Swing in, try on some vintage clothes and take a peek at my painting!

In other news, Dan has been growing his mustache for "MOVEMBER!"  Here is a picture of us with our mustaches! :)

I can't believe he made it through the month of November.  He hated it the whole time! :) I thought it was HILARIOUS!  Nothing like a 70's porn star look.

We are gearing up for the holidays around here, only 23 more days until Christmas, YAHOOOO!!!!  If you are out and about online shopping, how about this little print for your best friend:

You can find a print of this in my ETSY shop.

Happy Holidays!

Wow! A Whirlwind Month!

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Holy Smokes Batman...November is already coming to an end?  Oh ya, thats right, I haven't had a chance to sit down since this month has started!  Ha! Ha!  What a fun, exhausting, adventurous month it has been!  Dan and I have been so busy traveling around selling art at holiday shows.  We kicked it off with Holiday Fest in to see some wonderful old friends.....then headed to the Anacortes Holiday Market at the Port Warehouse.  I can't express enough how much I love this little town.  Our third show just wrapped up down in Gig Harbor.  We spent the week at my dad's having Thanksgiving, doing some Black Friday shopping, then headed to Winterfest at Peninsula High School.

Here is what I have learned the past month:

1. Yes, no matter what....we have to bring portable lighting, the paintings "pop."

2. Do not pick a holiday show that doesn't have a Starbucks close by. Not good folks.

3. Read your Square manual before you have to do a refund, that was a little stressful. :)

4. Bring a ton of extra cash, Dan eats all day long.....

5. Buy a dolly.....that way we don't have to make 50 trips back and forth to the car.

6. Bring something to do. A book? Some paints? Sundays can be long.

7. When taking two cars, always pick the car that the kids are not in.

8. Always look nice, you never know when you are going to see your first boyfriend from when you were 10.

Thank you to everyone that came by, said hi....and all of those of you who supported my art!  I had a wonderful year!  With the holiday shows wrapped up, I am gearing up for Christmas myself!  This weekend the decorations will be flying through the air.....the tree will be popped up....and may the hot buttered rums be poured freely (that's Dan's job since he doesn't like to help decorate.)  I plan on being extra obnoxious with the Christmas tunes this year.....Dan and kiddies really like that!   They "extra-like" when I sing them myself and dance!!! :)

Stay tuned, commissioned pieces will be blogged soon!

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Shows, SAVE THE DATES!

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Well, the last few weeks have been a mad house around here!  I have been so busy gearing up for the holiday shows!  There will be lots and lots of new paintings to check out!  Yahoo!  When I haven't been painting, I have been ordering, ordering, ordering.  All kinds of goodies should be showing up soon.  I ordered some new business cards, different sized shopping bags, prints, cards, mats, and even mini canvases to make ornaments!  They have turned out totally cool, and I can't wait to see what they all look like hanging from my little display tree!  I figure in a week or two I will do a mock set up of my booth and take a picture to show you!  My poor family have almost become homeless....there are paintings everywhere around the house.  As of right now, I can see 12 new paintings in the living room, 3 in the kitchen....and I who knows how many in the studio!  After this blog post, I have vowed to clean up and get organized! :) I decided this year to head out to the Kitsap Peninsula for two shows.  My hope is that I will get to see long time friends who never get a chance to check out my art. Originally from the cute little town of Olalla, I have moved quite a bit away from family and friends.

Here is where you can find me in November:

NORTH KITSAP HOLIDAY FEST - (in Poulsbo) - Saturday November 3rd... 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m,  Sunday November  4th...11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


PENINSULA HIGH SCHOOL WINTERFEST - Saturday November 24th...9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday November 25th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Here are a few paintings that I have been working on the last couple of weeks:

"Your Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out!"

"Lime Kiln State Park, San Juan Island"

"O is for Octopus"

Here Comes The Sun………

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Yahooo, it's here, it's here!  The sun, that bright orbital circle in the sky, is FINALLY shining here in Washington!  The temperature hasn't been very warm, but I will take anything I can get.  The forecast for the next few days has a sunny outlook as well, yippppeeeeeeeeeee! We have been on the fast track here at the house.  Still going, going, going.....just like the energizer bunny.  We have been selling paintings at the market on the weekends.  I was able to fit in a few paint days here and there to get caught back up on my inventory.  Dan and I have been running everyday to keep up with our exercise, and gosh knows I need it.  I have gained 5 pounds since our trip to Belize.  How is that even possible?  We signed ourselves up for a half marathon in October to stay motivated.  July has zipped by in a flash, I cannot believe we are moving on to August.

We are taking this next weekend to relax.  We plan on hitting the beach, and checking out the Anacortes Arts Festival this weekend.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures to share with you.  If you haven't had an opportunity to check it out, it is a MUST SEE!

Here are two of my latest paintings:

Happy Tuesday!

Rained Out!

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Today was officially the worst market day we have had in Anacortes, but no worries here, WE HAD A BLAST! It rained, and rained, and rained, and rained. Everything was soaking wet, including us!  Although we may have looked like drowned rats, we were complete ROCK STARS!  Today was Dan's we lived it up.....the market vendors and customers sang "happy birthday" and he even received a free chocolate peanut butter and bacon cupcake from TWO GIRLS BAKING!  It was the best cupcake (yes, he actually shared it with me) that I have ever had!

Soooooo....what do we do when things are slow at the market???  WE GOOF OFF!!!!

What a great fun day we had!  I was able to bring my new refrigerator door that I received from the Skagit Land Trust.  They were nice enough to donate the door (that has a stand attached) for my Funky Art booth!  The bottle cap magnets have still not arrived in the mail yet, I am so excited to see them!  Check it out:

We are taking a break from the market for a few weeks, we will be back on July 14th!

Hope to see you there! :)

23 Days? What?

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Holy smokes, it has been a looooooong time since I have updated my blog! 23 days?  WOWSERS!!!!   Christmas was great but the month of December just flew by!  We had plans every weekend, plus things during the week!  AGH!  Lets get you up to date on what has been going on in our lives:

December 10th was the Holiday Express Show at the Depot!  A big shout out thank-you to Dan for always helping me with my booth!  Without him, Carla's Funky Art would not  exist!

I took the fam to see The Nutcracker here in Anacortes.  What an awesome show!  Ally had several friends that were in it, and she loved to watch them preform.  Dan fell asleep as expected, but Orion loved it!  He did mention at intermission that it would be "way better" if the dancers used "words!" ha! ha!

As some of you know, Dan makes homebrew.  (If you ever run into him, never EVER bring it up or he will talk your ear off!)  We made several batches to hand out to friends and family for Christmas gifts.  I spent hours putting caps on bottles like Laverne and Shirley.  Here was the painting used to make the labels.

Orion and I went on a Christmas carriage ride and sang Christmas carols in old town! Lang's Horse and Pony Farm were giving free rides through town every Saturday!

Yep, yep!  We had an AWESOME Christmas!  Austin is buried on the couch!

The only thing I wanted for Christmas, I didn't get.  A little tiny pug.  That is why I made Dan this adorable plate!  I will serve him breakfast, lunch and dinner on it until I get one!

Well, I hope you all survived the holidays as well as we did!  I have lots of plans for 2012!  The big unveiling from my California commissioned pieces will be revealed in March.  Dan and I are signing up for some new art shows.  We are going to be making prints, and a different selection of cards.  See ya next year! :)

A Tuesday Update!!!!

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Alrighty Folks......I don't even know what day it is!!!!!!  Do you see how I look in this picture???? I AM CRAZZZZZZY!!!!! HA! HA!Somehow I have managed to work a ton of hours for the kayak tours, do the farmers market.....and PAINT!!!!!!  Needless to say....things have been a bit NUTTY around here!  I finally finished my big project for my ladies in southern Cali......HIP-HIP-HOORAY!  I can't wait to see there images for their company!  I painted all day today....good thing the weather is still is quite motivating to be indoors!  Dan and I went to Shipwreck Festival last weekend, and had a great time rummaging through people's booths.  We didn't find a treasure, but we did find some AWESOME T-SHIRTS...(more on that one in a different blog post!)  We are gearing up for this Saturday at the market!  I am sorry that I haven't been on here that much has been sooooo BUSY!  The website needs updated with the that is my goal for next week!  HAPPY TUESDAY! :)

Our Local Market

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Back in December when we moved from Friday Harbor Dan and I decided that we really wanted to get into the heart of the Anacortes community.  We signed up for the Ancortes Farmers Market, to be able to meet some local people, businesses, and introduce my art.  We couldn't be more pleased with the response.  The people of this town are very genuine and welcoming.  What a little secret gem we have found.  The weather here is part of the "banana belt" getting less rain than Seattle.  It is a small town community way off of the I-5 corridor.  The best part is that we are now able to drive places, unlike living on San Juan Island.  The farmers market itself has been a wonderful experience.  We have made so many new friends.  I wish I could post all of my market pictures on this blog......if you would like to see more photos, you can check them out on my Carla's Funky Art Fan Page.  Some of our favorites.....are: Two Girls Baking (who make the best cupcakes I have ever seen), Salsa Mama, and Chicks and Wicks.  The vendors are so wonderful, and I feel like we have found a "little group of friends."  The market manager Keri Knapp, does an AWESOME job of keeping everything organized and happy.  I am not sure how she pulls it all off with the huge amount of vendors.  The Anacortes Market also has some wonderful "extras" as far as your local farmers market goes.  There is live music, a large food court, a new bike rack to encourage riding your bike, a kid's tent, and brand new compostable bins next to the garbage cans.  There are many repeat customers every Saturday who get there bright and early to grab the local produce.  I am really hoping to catch a shot of the farmers booth's in the morning, it is so beautiful with all the colorful produce and veggies!  We have met some wonderful visitors from other countries and states.  This little small town is bubbling with tourists this time of year.  I feel honored to be a part of our local market, and being able to meet some wonderful town folks!  Hope you all had a GREAT and SAFE fourth of July.  Happy Summer!

First SUMMER Market!!!

Farmers MarketcarlaComment

It is here! It is here!  Tomorrow is the official start to the ANACORTES FARMERS MARKET!  I am soooooo excited.  Dan and I have been working hard all week to make sure our booth is up and running.....and lookin' extra good!  If you are in the area, be sure to head down to the ANACORTES ARTS DEPOT from 9-2 tomorrow Saturday May 14th!  I really hope the weather holds out, and we get a little bit of sun!!!!  There is going to be some great vendors tomorrow!  Super yummy cupcakes, rockin' soaps, and all the ORGANIC veggies you can EAT!  BE THERE or BE SQUARE!  The Anacortes Farmers Market also has a Facebook page to keep up with what the latest "happenings"!  CHECK IT OUT! (ohhhhh yeah......and while you are checking that out....why not become a FAN on my Carla's Funky Art Facebook page too!!!! Alright peeps......I will keep you posted! Happy FRIDAY!!!!! :)

The Market!

Farmers Marketcarla

Had a great day on Saturday at the market!  Sold some paintings (whew!) and met some wonderful people!  The vendors their were so amazing, friendly and wonderful!  If you ever get a chance, you have to swing by the ANACORTES FARMERS MARKET!  Wahoo!  The weather was sunny (cold and a little windy) and it was a wonderful day to be outdoors!  The set-up went rather smoothly (thank you Dan) and we were up and running in no time!  A big thank you should go out to Keri Knapp, the market manager for showing us the ropes!  Some wonderful friends swung by from Friday Harbor, and we even had friends as far away as Port Orchard come by to say Hi!  What a wonderful surprise!!!!  I had the camera with me all day, but didn't even get a chance to take one picture!  I am excited to see how it goes next month!  YEE-HAW!

Let’s “play” Farmers Market

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So.....we are gearing up around here for my first ANACORTES FARMERS MARKET!  You should see the living room right now. The booth is taking up the whole thing.  Here are a few pictures I took to play around with things a bit. I wanted to see how everything is going to look.  I am nervous that it looks to busy.  What do you think?  Comments would be greatly appreciated.  I paint big bright things, and when you throw them all together it starts looking CRAZY!  I am hoping that the whole FUNKY art name will make up for it! Ha! Ha!  My daughter was a huge help yesterday. We have everything hung in groups as much as we could, and she helped decorate the table.  The only thing left to do is add the poker chip price tags.  We got this great idea to attach some velcro (a big thank you to Dan's dad....who sent us a ton of it!) to the back of poker chips and then stick them on the carpet panels underneath the paintings.  I think after our "practice run" it will be easier to set up at the market.  I am interested to see how this goes.  When I sold at venues in Friday Harbor, I knew a ton of people....and they would by my art because they knew my personality.  It is hard to throw your work out there and have people judge it, so scary! I know it is really different, bright, and funky, but what if people don't like it.  The hardest part about being an artist is the "rejection" aspect.  Heart and soul goes into something you create, and it is challenging to get negative feedback.  It has been getting easier I guess, the older I get....I think "who cares, it makes me smile and happy when I that is all that matters!" Well, I am off to get a ton of things done around here today....the house looks like a bomb went off!  Wish me luck at the market, I will let you know how it goes!!!! If you are in Anacortes....swing by from 9-2 this Saturday March 19th....we are going to be on the corner in the old Frontier auto building on Highway 20 at the turn to take to Whidbey Island! (the winter market is at a separate location...the summer market is in town!)

Cocktail Lady Cards are Here!!!

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Cocktail Ladies - blank cardsYahooooooo!  The COCKTAIL LADIES are here! I am finally ready to sell some blank cards.....they turned out soooooo AWESOME!  They are 5X7 glossy cards.....sealed and protected with a plastic sleeve.  I have decided to sell them individually or in a variety 5 pack.  The 5 pack comes in a clear gift box!  Perfect for sending them to your girlfriends.  I have just listed them on my ETSY shop....or you can contact me via the website if you are interested in ordering some!!!!  I am off to paint.......wait until you see my funky Mardi Gras painting that I made....a picture coming soon!