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Life the past few weeks.

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Been crazy busy here!  Just got back from a 5 day vacation visiting family down on the Kitsap Peninsula. We had a wonderful time visiting, Christmas shopping and getting caught up on TV!!!!  Thanks Jerry for having cable and a BIG screen!  Woohooooo!  We missed the Apple Cup on Friday which was a bummer.  I almost broke down and bought cable today.  The Seahawks are on Monday Night Football tonight and I will miss it!  Whaaaaaa!

The annual Farmers Market Holiday Show was last weekend.  What a blast!  Thank you Anacortes for another successful show!  It is truly my favorite show of the year.  Love the Port Warehouse when it is all decorated, so festive!  Great vendors, good vibes, and awesome food!  I don't think I quit eating the entire time.

I sold my favorite painting "Bubble Blower" last weekend as well.  I was so sad to see it go.  The good news is, you can find it hanging over at "Pearl Buttons" in old town Anacortes.   Swing in, try on some vintage clothes and take a peek at my painting!

In other news, Dan has been growing his mustache for "MOVEMBER!"  Here is a picture of us with our mustaches! :)

I can't believe he made it through the month of November.  He hated it the whole time! :) I thought it was HILARIOUS!  Nothing like a 70's porn star look.

We are gearing up for the holidays around here, only 23 more days until Christmas, YAHOOOO!!!!  If you are out and about online shopping, how about this little print for your best friend:

You can find a print of this in my ETSY shop.

Happy Holidays!


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Looking for some of my art here in Anacortes?  Swing by "Recaptured" in Little to Anthony's at the intersection of 11th street and Q.  They just opened up their tiny shop last month, and it is adorable!!! You really must swing by and check it out!  It is full of beautiful hand painted wooden bowls, unique one of a kind jewelry by Laura Ferguson, and handcrafted pillows from Vintage Hen.  They are open every weekend Friday and Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-4.  Here is a peek:

See you there!

Coziness, and a test.

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Started the gas stove in the studio yesterday.......Ooooo...made it so cozy!

I am also testing out this blog and trying to figure out why my pictures all are all so small now! :( I changed the settings on the camera, so it MUST be when I switched the site around. Ugh. Now I have to figure out how to fix it.

Once again....stay tuned!

Brave Intuitive Painting......oh and Halloween.

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Yep, I have really been changing my art work lately.  It really has been a long time coming.  I was so sick of the same ol' thing.  Painted cartoon dogs, cats, funny cows, goofy birds and blah....blah.....blah...I was just so sick of it. I was going around and around trying to figure out what to do and how to get inspired again.  That is when I decided to read Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley.  It was such an inspirational book!!!!!  Flora teaches you how to layer paint, not to be scared, follow your instincts......AND how to discover your own painting style.  I absolutely loved this book! :) She was so inspirational and is truly an amazing artist.  I feel like I have found myself again!  I have been so the issue is that I cannot stop painting!  I have redesigned the website for a whole new feel.  No more black with white writing (that drove me nuts)!  Here are a couple of my latest Flora inspired paintings:

I also have been working on a ton of mixed media paintings.  It has been so fun to just create without having to worry about the "business" side of things.  It is hard for me to think out of the box.  I never really played around with any other media because I felt like I should always just stick with paint (like there were rules or something!!!).  You should see the studio now!!!  There are papers, tissue, glue, spray paint, inks, and glitter everywhere!!! I love how messy everything is!!!  Such a wonderful environment for creativity....I love the paint and inks smeared all over my hands! :)

On another note.....we all survived Halloween here at the house!  My blog wouldn't be complete if I didn't share what the kids wore on Halloween night!

Happy Fall!!!!

Hmmmm.......this is my first blog post after changing the site and I noticed that all the photos are really small, I wonder if I screwed something up....must check this out....

Stay tuned!

Changing it Up!


Yep, I am back.  Yep, the site has changed....I am currently under construction for the next week or two.  Please be patient, I am not very good with WordPress and managing my website, it takes me a bit longer than most....and who knows, maybe the next time you check in I might have really screwed it up! :)  Stay tuned!

Thank you for your patience....

Stolen Art.....again.


Well, here we go again.  Another round of stolen art.  Not quite sure I can keep up with all of these artist thieves.  Honestly....this is so upsetting and I am sick and tired of it.  I would consider myself easy go lucky and a pretty mellow person with the exception of getting my art stolen!  So frustrated, and it just makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs.  This is not my first go-around with this, and it can be exhausting trying to protect my art.

I received and email from a lady the other day with a photo attachment of an art class that has stolen my daisy dog and then proceed to teach people to paint it!!!  I just couldn't believe it.  The worst part?  The class is offered about an hour from the house???  Right here in my own territory!  The nerve of some people!  She asked no permission, nor gave me any credit!  An EXACT copy of my PAINTING!

Did you know it is against the law to copy art?  Let me spell it out for you...with the words from the United States Copyright Office:

Copyright is a form of protection provided by U.S. law to authors of “original

works of authorship,” including “pictorial, graphic, and sculptural works.” The

owner of copyright in a work has the exclusive right to make copies, pre-

pare derivative works, sell or distribute copies, and display the work publicly.

Anyone else wishing to use the work in these ways must have the permission of

the author or someone who has derived rights through the author.

A work is automatically protected by copyright when it is created, that is,

“fixed” in a copy or phonorecord for the first time. Neither registration in the

Copyright Office nor publication is required for copyright protection.

Here is my original painting, "Droopin' Daisy" copyright 2010.

Here is what the Arts and Carafes have painted:

You can see the painting and "classes offered" in the background, ugh.

These copy-cat artists unfortunately are not going away anytime soon, and will continue to troll the internet looking for their next piece to copy.  I unfortunately am going to have to make some big changes to protect my art on the internet. So uninspiring!

After contacting the shop owner, she said she has removed the class from her list, and has removed all facebook photos.  I do find it interesting that she still has the photos on her website.  I wanted to share her store link with you before writing my cease and desist letter.  I guess I just want want to call her and  her shop out. (only because it does make me feel better, so unprofessional I know! I just can't help it, I am angry.) C'mon people....if you are going to copy a painting, at least mix it up!  Change a back ground color, or the dog.......something!!!!


Whirlwind Weekend....and Paintings!


Wow Guys!  I am coming off of one of the BEST WEEKENDS EVER!!!!!  Seriously, what a fun weekend!  After three years, Washington State is ACTUALLY having a decent summer.  I can't even remember when it rained last!  Wooo-hoooo!  With all of this summer sun, we have been trying to get outside as much as we can. (in other words, I haven't been painting to much around here, must get on it!)

Friday night consisted of checking out a Led Zepplin cover band here in Anacortes.  It was SO AWESOME!!!  Every Friday night they have a summer concert series down at Seafarers Park.  Dan and I have made it a weekly routine to pack a dinner, grab a blanket and head to the park every Friday night in the summer.  One of our favorite things to do.  We danced the night away to "Whole Lotta Love", and "Misty Mountain Hop" many memories of blasting Zepplin in high school.  My daughter thought we were crazy....she didn't quite "get-it".....but managed to dance through a few songs.

Saturday morning came bright and early, and we woke up and headed to the Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon.  The best part about this race was it literally started about 5 blocks away!  No having to stress about getting to the start line on time.  I have been suffering from a shin splint on my left leg after running 18 miles of hills a couple of weeks ago.  I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to get the race.  Once we started running, I pretty much just ignored the pain and we were able to finish in 2 hours and 10 minutes.  Pretty proud of myself for even finishing!  We rewarded ourselves by grabbing our bathing suits and hitting the beach for a little rest and sun tanning.

Sunday consisted of Dan making some of his special home brew in the morning then we headed out to eat lunch in the adorable little town of La Conner.  After checking out a few little shops (and me whining about about how bad my leg hurt) we checked out the La Conner Brewery.  Awesome beer, awesome food, but the service was AWFUL!  We showed up around 2:00, it wasn't very busy.....and it took forever to get service.  We watched two couples walk out without being helped.  Needless to say, I was kinda disappointed.  The atmosphere was good, cool art on the walls, but be prepared for a long wait if you decide to check it out.  We were there for at least 2 hours for a simple lunch.

Then to top it off, I ACTUALLY GOT SOME PAINTING DONE!!! YAHOOOO!!!!  I can't believe it!  Finally was inspired to get some things finished around here!  (thank you Mr. Sun for not shining today and allowing me some indoor time!)


Ally and I at Seafarers Park...rockin' out!

Little Instagram Photo of us heading out to the Art Dash Half!

Stupid Shin Splint.  Tanning in the sun....thank you KT Tape for my new tan lines! :)

"What the Cluck?" 12x16 Original Acrylic on Canvas

"Gold Fish Lips" 9x12 Original Acrylic on Canvas

"Octo-Chill" 12x16 Orginal Acrylic on Canvas.


Ragnar Relay 2013


Well, Dan and I once again decided to another crazy 200 mile relay race.  Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage 2013!  Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves.  Oh ya, thats right......because it is so FANTASTICALLY FUN!!!!!  Nothing better than hanging out in a van with 6 smelly runners (x2) for 34 hours who are delirious from running and haven't slept.  NOW THAT IS WHAT I LIKE CALLING "A GOOD TIME!"

Most of our team was the same as last year, with a few new people added in.  We had team members from Colorado and Utah....and those of us who live right down the road.  So many fun memories from the past weekend, I don't even know where to begin.  From me literally peeing in my pants to my friends in Van 2 getting stuck across the border in Canada by accident, we all had so much fun!  My favorite part about this year is the fact that we turned our run into a fundraiser.  We raised over $2,000 to support children with cancer! Our team placed 2nd overall!  This really hit home for me.  My best friend had cancer all though middle school.  It was so hard to watch her go through it all: the chemo, being sick, missing school functions....I could go on and on.

Dan also ran into a old family friend at the finish line, what a bonus!!!!


Here a few fun highlights:

Van 1!

Dan's "Honey Bucket" Blue socks!!!!

A blurry picture of Dan kickin' booty....Ragnar Tutu Style!!!

Oh ya baby!!!! Halfway though my first leg!

Some of the Van 2 peeps, a little wacky from no sleep!

Last exchange for my 3rd leg!!! Almost done!

My friend Janeen and I in the after race beer garden. We did it!

Erin and Rochie....our Colorado peeps.

Dan and his friend Mark...who he hasn't seen in a LONG time!

YES!!!! Another Ragnar crushed!!!! :)

***Dan and I keep sayin' we aren't going to do this next year......but who knows....we always have so much fun....maybe we will!

Blogging Loser.


Talked to my dad yesterday, he pretty much called me a blogging loser. :)  Guess he is right, haven't been on here in a month!!!  Time has just flown by!  The month of June was totally crazy.  Came home from vacation and hit the ground running!  Why so busy you ask???  Here is just a  quick list of what went down last month: Orion's birthday, Dan's birthday, Father's Day, Dan's parents came to visit, Ally's moving up ceremony, Orion's moving up ceremony, Berry Dairy Days half marathon, day trip to Friday Harbor, Ally gets sick, Farmers Markets on Saturdays, commissioned paintings, AND training for my first marathon.  PHEW!!!! NOW THAT WAS THE CRAZIEST MONTH I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!  Soooo glad we are into July, and things will settle down a bit.  (well kinda).

D and I have a few running events coming up.  The Ragnar Relay Race is next weekend.  So excited!  We did this race last year and had a BLAST!!!! Can't wait to hook up with the team again this year.  This is a 200 mile relay race from Blaine Washington down the bottom of Whidbey Island.  We also are running in the Anacortes Art Dash 1/2 marathon this year.  The main reason for running this race is for the AWESOME shirt that has the word "art" on it.  Ha! Ha!

Here are a few pictures I gathered up from the last couple of weeks.  The last few are from the 4th of July.  We headed to Seafarers Memorial Park to see one of our favorite bands CHERRY CHERRY!!!!  Neil Diamond Tribute Band??? YES PLEASE!

Sold one of my favorite paintings last month!! Loved this one!

Ok, got a little carried away with polka dots, they just make me smile!!!

Ally heads to high school next year!!!! Where does the time go???

4th of July Parade in old town Anacortes!  The longest parade in the world. :)

Cherry Cherry!!!! "Sweet Caroline!"

He gave me a scarf!!!  He gave me a scarf!!!!  Wooohhhooooo!

Happy Monday everyone, and here's to a better blogging month in July!!!!

Our Family Vacation!


Dan and I decided to stop ditching the kids and actually took them on vacation with us this time! :)  We surprised them with a family trip to Maui for a week!  WHAT A BLAST!

Some highlights of our trip included snorkeling with sea turtles, surfing, boogie boarding, and laying in the sun!  It was my first time to Hawaii, and I was so excited to check out the culture, the beautiful beaches and actually enjoy some warm temperatures.


Ally and I won the sand castle contest against the boys.

Dan having an affair at the Old Lahaina Luau!!! :)

Luau!Hawaiian Shave Ice (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom)....

Dan and I at the black sand beach.

Dan!!!! Photobombing my perfect picture!!!!! :)

Coconut hunting on a black sand beach!

Headed Home!

P.s. Did you know that Hawaiian Airlines serves complimentary wine????  I am ONLY going to fly with them from now on!!!

Now it is back to reality, and back to life!  Whaaaaaaa!

An 80 degree Spring?


Are you sitting down?  You might want to, I have some shocking news!  A few weeks ago we got up into the 80's here in WASHINGTON!!!!  HECK YES!   This rarely happens around here, even the dead middle summer we hardly ever see 80 degree weather.  (and please remind me again on why I live here?)

Let me let you in on a little secret.  I tend to get a little nutty about the weather when the forecast calls for sun and warm temperatures.  Just ask Dan.  I actually feel a bit sorry for him.  As soon as the forecast calls for nice weather....I am rushing around the house planning  and packing things.  All kind of things.  I bust out the swimsuits, towels, frisbees, the cooler, everything I can think of.   The whole family knows that I go into "sun mode" and they don't even dare whine or argue about anything that I come with for things to do.  When the sun is out, I make the whole family be outside for the WHOLE day....hiking, biking, trips to the beach, going to the park walking around town, and blah, blah, blah.  I don't even let them come inside to eat or brush their teeth.  I have them so well trained. :)

We decided to enjoy a Sunday beach day.  We packed up some lunches and the kids each brought a friend. The day was filled with making memories on the beach.  Digging holes, riding logs in the water, sun tanning, reading and best of all???  Eating.  It was so relaxing and fun!  I even won a "double-dog" dare and went swimming!!! (Ok, not actually swimming, but I did go all the way in!!!!  Brrr it was FREEZING!  I am very proud of myself because Dan was a little baby and stayed on the shore!)  I sure hope this is a sign to come for a warm and sunny summer.  As I look out the window right now, it is grey, raining, and miserable.  I will just keep remembering the memories of us at the beach in 85 degree weather in April!

Oh ya, and here is another thing I wanted to talk to you about!!!!  Look at my chin!!!!  All these years have gone by and NOBODY has TOLD me that I HAVE A JAY LENO CHIN???  What is up with that?  From now on, just call me "Jay".......

On another note, check out these AWESOME funky, crazy, hip, hippy, hipster, rockin' pants I found on the clearance rack at JCPENNY's the other day.  $4.00 baby!!!!  You only live once right????  I think I may wear them everyday.  Poor Dan.



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Oooooh ya baby!!  Finally was able to participate in the "Color Run" this year!!! I missed it by a week last year and couldn't wait for it's return to SEATTLE!   Yahoooooo!!!!  WHAT A BLAST it was!   I even convinced Dan (not sure how) to join me!  If you are not familiar with the color is basically a 5k fun run (they don't even time you)....everyone at the start line is clean and white and as you run the streets people "dust" you with color along the way!  It is the happiest 5k on the planet!  :)

To avoid all the crowds, we parked off site and rode the monorail to the Seattle Center.

Boom Chicka Bow Wow.........

FREE STARBUCKS after the race? HECK YES I AM HAPPY!!!!!!

Our post race color bomb photo!!!!

Cleaned up after the race and treated ourselves to the largest cream puff in the world at the Pike Place Market! :)

Two thumbs up for an awesome day!

Yes. I am still alive.

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Good Golly!  Now this is quite embarrassing. It has been weeks since I have posted anything on here.  IT gets worst too!!!!  It has been months since I have painted!!!!  Ok, well, that is a little bit of a lie.  I painted two days ago....but was only able to get two little mini-paintings done.  Honestly, I am in quite a bit of a panic.  The farmers market opening day is LESS THAN two weeks away.  I need new paintings!!!!!

2013 has been rough. I can't even say that I like this year yet.  I was really burnt out on the holiday shows last year and decided to take a break for about a month.  (which ended up being 4 months) I lost all inspiration to paint anything.  Just when I felt like painting again, we moved.  The move itself was a HUGE project.  UGH.  Remind me never to move again!  On a good note, we are pretty much all settled in and loving the new home.  We walk everywhere and I don't even use the car anymore!  YEAH!

Not really to sure where Carla's Funky Art is headed anymore.  I cut way back on the market dates this year.  I can't even say for sure if I will even be doing this next year. It takes a ton of time to complete original paintings....working part-time, taking care of kids and the house....doesn't leave leave much left for anything else.   I really have been going round and round about getting a full-time 8-5 job with a steady income.  Don't get me wrong, I love to paint!  I think the part I don't like about my business is having to have so much inventory.  What if I quit doing this???  Well, then I will have failed miserably...and THAT makes me want to crawl under a rock.  Maybe I should just take it another direction?  Must do some soul-searching and re-eval over the summer season.

Here are my little paintings that I did the other day:

On a side note.....Dan and I just finished up our Biggest Loser Challenge today.  After 5 months of losing weight AND maintaining, we are both WINNERS!!!!  He lost 16 pounds and 8.77% body fat....I lost 15 pounds and 9.85% body fat!! I WON $340.00 bucks today!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!  It has been so fun doing it together! :)  I have been really trying hard to make healthy dinners.  In fact the other day I wanted to try making "sweet potato burgers" looked really good online, the picture was beautiful!  Well, when I tried to make them, they turned out is my version:

I was so frustrated!  I made a huge mess in the took forever, and ended up making a "castle with a tunnel"  (you a sand castle)... out of my sweet potato mush!!!! wonder Dan is losing so much weight! :)

Happy Wednesday!

Spring has Sprung - well for today anyway.....


WOW guys!  I feel like such a loser.  Haven't painted in weeks, haven't blogged.....haven't done much with Carla's Funky Art in a few months.  There has been so much going here, it isn't even funny.  My big news is the fact that we are moving in a few weeks.  Wasn't really a planned moved, but I am so excited!!  We will be living in Old Town Anacortes!  Yeah!  Both Dan and I fell in love with that part of town as soon as we moved here.   Full of historic homes, it has a quaint feel as you walk around.  Everything is in walking distance.  Just think, no more using the car!  Two thumbs up for the environment!   The kids are super stoked, but have been whining quite a bit about having to walk to school.  Needless to say, the house is full of boxes and is a complete mess.  IT is HARD moving a 4 bedroom home, we have so much random stuff.  I have gotten rid of THREE carloads to Goodwill and Salvation Army.  UGH!  My studio is packed up, and all I want to do is move, and get back to painting.  The Farmers Market is coming, and I really need to get on it!

Bare with me, I will be back!  Just life is a bit crazy right now!

On a separate note, the bright orbital sun actually shone down on Washington this weekend, it was GORGEOUS!!!!  We took a few hours off from packing and got out and enjoyed it!

Stay tuned! Once we get moved, I will be back at it!!!!

Tacoma Narrows Bridge


I finally can take "Walking the Tacoma Narrows Bridge"  off of my BUCKET LIST!  Yahooo!  So silly to some, but I have wanted to do it since I was a little girl.  I must have driven across that bridge a million times.  Growing up on the Kitsap Peninsula, it was the gateway bridge to civilization, ha! ha!  Dan and I had a free day on Saturday without much going on, so we decided to take the walk.  The weather was overcast, but no wind......hooray!  We parked at "War Park" in Tacoma, took a little path, went over a major crosswalk  (we didn't get shot at or run over....phew!) and off we went.  I was surprised at just how long it took us.  The bridge is deceptively deceiving when you drive across.  I have quite a fear of heights now that I am older and turned into a big fat baby. So I made a mental note not to walk close to the edge and look over when we got out to the middle.

We hiked across the "New Bridge" that was just built in 2007.  It had a pleasantly large bike and pedestrian path.  Lots of people were taking walks and exercising. Nice to see folks outside on such an overcast day.  When we made it across we walked a little further before heading back and Dan risked his life finding A TREASURE!!!  It was a cute little toy bus!!!  He jumped over the median and rescued it! YEAH!  (Ok, maybe that wasn't such a grand idea, but it was fun.....)  The best part about this little adventure was that it was FREE!!!!  Me being my frugal self....yet AGAIN!  Two thumbs up for free activities!

Next up on the BUCKET LIST?  Visit the Red Hook Brewery and take a trip to Vashon Island.  I love this state! (Ok, not really....the weather is killing me!)

As soon as we got back to the car it started raining.....Phew!  We had made it!

Happy Tuesday!

The Biggest Loser Challenge!

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Well, if you are fortunate enough to know Dan and I, you will know just how competitive we are with each other!!!! Ha! Ha!  I think that is one of the things I love the most about him.  In all honesty, we truly make such a GREAT TEAM!  We are very supportive, and motivate each other.  Every year we do the same old thing.  Lose weight, and then comes the dreaded holidays where we PACK IT ON!  Cookies, cakes, dinner parties, drinks, egg-nog lattes, and so on.....

We decided this January to do a Biggest Loser Challenge, and it has been SO FUN!  Every Friday we weigh-in, and have been going by "percentage of weight lost".....sometimes I win that week, and sometimes he does.  Whoever loses for the week has to pay $20.00 into the "pot".  (Shhhhh......but I think Dan has paid-in way more than I have, hee! hee!)  Whoever wins on May 1st gets to decide on how we are going to use that money on our secret family vacation!!!!  YEAH!  So it truly is a win-win for everybody.

I always forget how time consuming it is to find the time to exercise everyday.  Sounds silly huh?  It seems like between going to work at my "real job", painting, taking care of the kiddies, and cooking......there really isn't a lot of time in the day.  I have been making sure to take an hour to work-out 6 days a week, and that folks, TAKES TIME!!!!  6 days a week you ask????  Oh ya baby, this girl is going to win!

My new secret weapon that I am going to use next is.......  my new "Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred" DVD!!!!  This is going to make me WIN THIS CHALLENGE FOR SURE!  This is a 20 minute HELL work-out. Excuse my French, but this BABY IS HARD!  I totally thought I was in shape....I have been running 4-5 miles a day, but this work-out is a KILLER.  It basically is a circuit training quick video that combines weights, cardio and abs.  I have done it twice now, and can barely type this blog post.  I AM SO SORE!

I am down to my last 5 pounds, let's see if I can SHRED it OFF!!!!!  All in all, this challenge has been so great for Dan and I.  We are having fun, eating clean and healthy, and saving some cash!!!!  Speaking of clean eating.  I have banned myself from watching anymore food documentaries!  It is disgusting what the government does to our food.  I now run around preaching to everyone to eat organic, no processed, no GMO foods.  I am starting to sound like my uncle Petey.  Who is uncle Petey??  Well, he use to be my uncle, then people got divorced, and blah, blah, blah.....but still feels like my uncle.....and long story short, he is always posting horrible things on what we should and shouldn't eat on Facebook.

I really hope we make it to our goal weight.  We are both stuck at a plateau right now, and it is frustrating.  Working so hard all week, and the scale refused to move.  I keep thinking in my head, WE CAN DO THIS! WE CAN DO THIS!  I posted some pictures below of our challenge.....Dan doesn't know I posted his weight....but he never reads my blog posts, so shhhhhh.....don't tell!  I don't care if the whole world knows how fat or skinny I am, I think people shouldn't care about telling their weight at all.  Large or small, we are who we are, so who cares anyways!.....I also added a couple of sketches from my watercolor journal.

Wish us luck....two more months to go!

Here is our weigh-in chalkboard, did you notice this week? Nothing is moving.

Where we started. Ha! Ha!

Yeah!!!! A Three, a three!!!! Back down into the 130's! PHEW!!!!

A picture of my secret weapon.....muahahahahaha!

Oooooooo ya baby!!!!! Feeling good, and gonna get BUFF!!!!!! :) Bring it on SEATON!

Happy Saturday!!!!



"When life gives you limes, make margaritas" - Jimmy Buffett

Oooooooo.....that Jimmy Buffett, how I love him so!!!!!!  He is one of my favorite singers!  I have come to the conclusion that I am not fit to live in this state anymore, must move to the Florida Keys!  I mean.....think about art is bright, fun, and would totally fit in down South.  I have it all figured out.  Most of the homes are built on stilts right?  (I haven't been there so I am just assuming it is a lot like Belize).  My plan is to pack a small backpack, make friends with someone (I plan of giving them free tequila and a margarita maker....), and live UNDER their house!  They won't even know I am there.  I can hang a little hammock underneath and attach it to the stilts.  Place a couple of beach chairs in the sand....and there you have it.  I can peddle my paintings up and down the road, maybe even set up a little roadside art tent!  Dan and the kids probably won't even miss me.  One thing they will notice when I am gone is the lack of Buffett tunes coming out of the I-home....because I plan on taking that with me!!!!

hasta la vista baby!!!!!

Stay-tuned for my Biggest Loser Challenge Post.......(and if I never post on this blog again, you will know where to find me....wastin' away in Margaritaville!!!!)

Meet Maddie and Olive……..

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Hey's me AGAIN!!!  Two posts in a week?  What?  What?  Ooooo ya baby, back in the groove.  Studio is clean, and I feel like I am getting back on track.  Haven't had to much time to paint, but I can't wait to get started on a few pieces that have been mulling around in my head.

Here are the latest commissioned pieces I have been working on.  These guys were so fun to paint!  Meet Olive, the sassy queen kitty.  Sounds like she is full of herself so I painted her on a pedestal, wearing a crown of course!!!!!  I struggled with Maddie the dog, quite a bit, and painted her over twice!  Mad's signature move is the cross-legged lay down position, which was "oh so" hard for me.  I do like how she turned out in the end!  Judy, the pet's owner picked the back ground colors of coral and turquoise.  These paintings will be hung in her newly remodeled studio!!!!!  Hurray!  I hope she sends me a picture once they are hung!  For now, they are all boxed up and headed out to the post office today!!!

So cute and colorful!!!!  Hey speaking of colorful, Dan and I signed up for the Color Run on May 12th in excited!!!!!  Really wanted to do this last year but missed it!!!!  Come on out and run with us!

Happy Thursday!

Hey, why don’t you TAKE A HIKE!!! Ok, not really. :)

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Well, here we go again.  That time of year when I yearn to get outside.  I have such a hard time getting through yet another Washington winter.  You would think after all these years that I would be numb to all this rain, damp and cold, but the truth is really hard.  It takes a toll on me, and I love to get outside any chance I get.

Had a great weekend here at the house.  Got two commissioned pieces done that I will share with you tomorrow.  Orion had his friend Logan over for a "stay the night"....what a blast they had. XBOX PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  I have never seen two boys eat so much in my life.  When I say eat, I mean EAT!!!!  I pride myself on eating organic healthy food here at the house, and I am ashamed at what I let them consume. Here is small fraction of what went down here at the house in the last 24 hours: Little Caesars Pizza washed down with Pepsi, followed by.....Klondike Bars for dessert!!!! The next day they ate stacks and stacks of pancakes smeared with butter, syrup, and BACON!!! (every thing is better with bacon!!!) Lunch was served out of the box by an arch nemesis named KRAFT......yep, you guessed it.....MAC AND CHEESE!!!!! GROSS!!!  After all this processed guilt I figured I better get the boys outside and exercising!  We headed for the lake and got our hiking on!   We tried to ignored the rain and trudged on......

The boys at the start of the hike........

Logan and I made it to the top of the huge rock!  Hey, how do you like that AWESOME Sock Monkey hat???? Cool, I know!!!!! :)

Proof that Dan and I actually did take the kids hiking and didn't just dump them off in the forest for an hour!!!!

Almost to the end of the lake!

Instead of "Boyz in da Hood"......I will call them "Boyz on da Rock!" " :)

After we got done with our 3 mile hike Dan and I treated them to yet another junk food.  What can I say, I am such a sucker!!!!  We headed to TOPPINGS, the new frozen yogurt place here in Anacortes!!!!  All in all, it was a FANTASTIC day!  We got outside, had a blast, and burned some calories!!!

Speaking of calories.....Dan and I have almost lost 10 pounds EACH since the holidays!!!! Oh yeah baby!!!!!  Take a good look now because we might shrink away!

Happy Sunday!