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Belizean Dreams…..

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Finally, Finally, FINALLY got my Jorge Landero painting framed from BELIZE!  This may seem like a small feat, but you do not know the whole story.  Last year, my best friend (AKA the bald guy) and I backpacked through Belize for two weeks!   This beautiful painting was bought a few days after we arrived.  The gallery took it off the frame, and rolled it into a cardboard tube.  We then proceeded to tie it on to the backpack.....and it went all over the country with us!  It even survived a HURRICANE!  (That was interesting by the should have seen us trying to tape plastic bags all over it!)

So speaking of are some tips and thoughts you might enjoy knowing:

  • Never send your laundry to a lady....and mail some clothes back to the States at the same time, everything will get screwed up.  (Dan spent 10 days in the same pair of shorts!)
  • Did you know you can ride a chicken bus across the country for $9.00?
  • Never look a military guy in the eye while in Guatemala, they don't care for that to much.
  • If you share a bathroom, it will save you $5.00 and you might even get some hot water!  You also get to meet some interesting people!
  • Fish around Tobacco Caye do bite....just a little bit.
  • Never go snorkeling with me when there are stingrays around, I will climb on your back and freak out.
  • Belikin Beer is a buck.
  • You too can survive a hurricane, just head inland.....and dance in the rain!
  • Come hungry, they have the best food in the world.....johnny cakes, rice and beans, and LOBSTER!
  • Wash your camera in the washer a week before the trip, that way you will have to buy a new one....a better one! :D

I have a beautiful painting in my living room to reminisce about Belize!  Now, if I can just keep Dan away from it!  I know he is going to try to hang it while standing on a milk crate AGAIN!  I am off to find an extension ladder!!!!!