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Two for the Road


Our "Love" StringDan and I ran a 5k yesterday up in Bellingham.  The race was called "Two for the Road" and was held up at Whatcom Falls Park by the Greater Bellingham Runners Club.  The best part was that we had to run holding a red string to honor Valentines Day!  How Fun!!!  No, we didn't win....but I thought we did pretty darn good for two oldies who are really OUT OF SHAPE!  We had a blast!  The little fun run was in a beautiful park!  We passed a salmon hatchery, crossed a bridge over  a beautiful waterfall, and ran on trails!  I think the best part about the race were the people towards the end!  One woman was running with her two year old son on her hip!  Little tiny kids finished the race too!  Several people made it by having their dogs pull them up the last hill.  It looked like everyone had a wonderful time, and it was a great day to get outside!   The next on the list?  The 10k Smelt Race in La Conner....I mean, who could pass that up? A SMELT RACE?  We HAVE to do that one!  So here we are today (Sunday) and Dan and I can barely get off the couch....our legs are so sore!  You should have seen us try to get the groceries into the house!  Too FUNNY!  I am off to take a hot shower and beg and plead for a leg massage!