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Oooooh ya baby!!  Finally was able to participate in the "Color Run" this year!!! I missed it by a week last year and couldn't wait for it's return to SEATTLE!   Yahoooooo!!!!  WHAT A BLAST it was!   I even convinced Dan (not sure how) to join me!  If you are not familiar with the color is basically a 5k fun run (they don't even time you)....everyone at the start line is clean and white and as you run the streets people "dust" you with color along the way!  It is the happiest 5k on the planet!  :)

To avoid all the crowds, we parked off site and rode the monorail to the Seattle Center.

Boom Chicka Bow Wow.........

FREE STARBUCKS after the race? HECK YES I AM HAPPY!!!!!!

Our post race color bomb photo!!!!

Cleaned up after the race and treated ourselves to the largest cream puff in the world at the Pike Place Market! :)

Two thumbs up for an awesome day!