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Run for the Honey Wagon!


Well, Dan and I survived the half marathon yesterday up in Nooksack, WA.  We decided after the holidays that we better be losing some weight and getting back into shape. We had both gained way to many pounds munching on Christmas cookies dipped in eggnog latte's.  Last month I signed us up for a 1/2 to get us moving again.  The whole point of signing up was to lose some weight, and THAT is EXACTLY what happened.

We started off walking a mile here, and there......I started to do some ZUMBA on the xbox, and we both started running and walking on the treadmill during the week.  Dan has lost 11 pounds, and I have lost 13!  YAHOOOO for EXERCISE!  He had never done a half marathon before, so we thought we would give it a shot.

The run itself was perfect for us....really, really, really flat.  With the one little tiny hill that was by a train track.  We are not "true runners", but I felt we did a great job.  We held a slow jog pace and walked only a few times. We maintained a 12 minute mile (super slow I know, but we had only been training for a month, so I felt we did AWESOME)  The wind was wicked yesterday, and blew from the south.  The course winded us through many cow farms, and pastures......needless to say, I may never smell again....that cow pie odor is still in my nostrils!  The Honey Wagon was put on by the Greater Bellingham Running Club.  This is the second race that I have participated in that they have organized.  They sure do a GREAT job!  Always friendly, professional, and it is very organized group.  The part I LOVE THE MOST, is that their races are priced very reasonable.  Lots of refreshments for the runners after the race......and our shirts were top quality.

OUR GOAL FOR THE RACE? To finish it and enjoy a  beer and a burger at Boundry Bay Brewery in Bellingham, it was sooooooooooo GOOD!

D is taking a little rest before the start.

Bleck....why did we have to get up soooooooo early.

Yahooo for finishing the race, and our post race brews!  Here is a picture of me with my super-hero good luck charm that went with us on our adventure!

Sooooo? What are we going to do now that it is over?  We just can't decide between the Everett half or the Whidbey Island half......they are both in April, we will keep you posted.


Honey Wagon Heros!