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Good Golly!  Now this is quite embarrassing. It has been weeks since I have posted anything on here.  IT gets worst too!!!!  It has been months since I have painted!!!!  Ok, well, that is a little bit of a lie.  I painted two days ago....but was only able to get two little mini-paintings done.  Honestly, I am in quite a bit of a panic.  The farmers market opening day is LESS THAN two weeks away.  I need new paintings!!!!!

2013 has been rough. I can't even say that I like this year yet.  I was really burnt out on the holiday shows last year and decided to take a break for about a month.  (which ended up being 4 months) I lost all inspiration to paint anything.  Just when I felt like painting again, we moved.  The move itself was a HUGE project.  UGH.  Remind me never to move again!  On a good note, we are pretty much all settled in and loving the new home.  We walk everywhere and I don't even use the car anymore!  YEAH!

Not really to sure where Carla's Funky Art is headed anymore.  I cut way back on the market dates this year.  I can't even say for sure if I will even be doing this next year. It takes a ton of time to complete original paintings....working part-time, taking care of kids and the house....doesn't leave leave much left for anything else.   I really have been going round and round about getting a full-time 8-5 job with a steady income.  Don't get me wrong, I love to paint!  I think the part I don't like about my business is having to have so much inventory.  What if I quit doing this???  Well, then I will have failed miserably...and THAT makes me want to crawl under a rock.  Maybe I should just take it another direction?  Must do some soul-searching and re-eval over the summer season.

Here are my little paintings that I did the other day:

On a side note.....Dan and I just finished up our Biggest Loser Challenge today.  After 5 months of losing weight AND maintaining, we are both WINNERS!!!!  He lost 16 pounds and 8.77% body fat....I lost 15 pounds and 9.85% body fat!! I WON $340.00 bucks today!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!  It has been so fun doing it together! :)  I have been really trying hard to make healthy dinners.  In fact the other day I wanted to try making "sweet potato burgers" looked really good online, the picture was beautiful!  Well, when I tried to make them, they turned out is my version:

I was so frustrated!  I made a huge mess in the took forever, and ended up making a "castle with a tunnel"  (you a sand castle)... out of my sweet potato mush!!!! wonder Dan is losing so much weight! :)

Happy Wednesday!