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Wind in my Hair


Wind in my HairJust thought you might enjoy a little back story on this one!  I have come to a point in my life where I have accepted REALITY. My hair is CURLY and it has a life of ITS OWN!  I think it has a personal soul and heart beat too! (conjoined twins maybe?) It has been a long time comin'  for me to accept the reality of KINKY CURLY CRAZY HAIR.....and I am so proud of myself for coming to this conclusion.  My whole life I have fought and fought with my hair!  As a little girl I would blow dry and straighten my hair for hours!  I would then proceed to step outside...and the slightest humidity in the air would instantly curl it again!  The worst was when it was raining (and it does that FREQUENTLY here in Washington State!) I would cry.......and lay in bed at night and wish and dream that I would wake up and my hair was SUPER STRAIGHT! I would pour over teen magazines, why couldn't I be that famous girl with straight hair?  Movie Stars, musicians (except for Michael Jackson), and rich people all had the perfect straight hair.  Life wasn't fair, and I was tired of it.  As time went on I tried to "manage" my curly hair...gel....molding mud, and creams...and looked horrible....knappy and frizzy!  So after 37 years of fighting, fighting, fighting.......I just let it do what it wants to do, and DO YOU KNOW WHAT?  My hair is HAPPY!!!!!!  It sings to me in the morning by sticking straight up on my head.  It does what it wants when it wants, and I am proud of it. Sometimes my hair is hungry and food gets stuck in it.  I have pulled cherry stems, rice, lettuce, corn, and my dinner out of my hair!  I think it likes to "mark it's territory" as can find my hair EVERYWHERE!  In the car, in your food, on the kids' jackets, and clogging up the drain.  Sometimes I think it wants to follow my personality.  It kinks up and is alive, other days it is relaxed and flows with the groove.  We have come along way, my hair and I......and finally in my life I feel like we are a team.......