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Will Work For Clogs……

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One of my favorite things about Facebook has been the chance to be able to hook up with long lost friends.  I have been able to connect with so many long time friends from high school.  These are people I probably would never have been able to talk to again without that silly social website.  About a year ago, I received a commission piece for a bubble tree painting from an old high school friend.  It was a surprise for his wife. Dan and I had the opportunity to deliver it and met his wonderful family, and beautiful house. (I am still trying to figure out a way that we can house swap!)

The one thing I noticed while visiting with them, is that his wife had about 200 pairs of Dansko Clogs in every style and color!  I love, love, love Dansko Clogs.  It is the only shoe I wear to work!  I asked my friend Carl why she has sooooo many pairs of AWESOME clogs?  His reply back was priceless: "I buy her a pair of clogs every time I buy a major purchase for toys.....etc."  That way she won't be mad.  (or something along those lines.)  WOW, I thought to myself.......I need Dan to start doing something like that.  Ha! Ha!

So long story ONE PAIR of Dansko clogs got a hole in them a few weeks ago.  Out of desperation I emailed Carl, and asked if his wife would give me a loaner pair. (totally joking of course.)  A few days later he emailed back and said they ordered a pair for me, and they should be arriving in the mail!!!! In exchange, I would paint their little three doxies!!!  NOW THAT IS AN AWESOME TRADE!!!!  It was so fun to wait around by the mailbox to see which ones they ordered.  I had no idea what color or style they would be.  When those clogs showed up at the house......THEY WERE THE PERFECT SHOES FOR ME!!!!!  CHECK EM' OUT!


Here are their 3 adorable little pups.....and what I painted for them:

This was so fun on so many different levels!  The surprises were great on both ends, I had no idea what they were going to send, and they had no idea what their painting was going to turn out like!!!!

I even received a BONUS when we delivered this painting.....AN EXTRA PAIR OF DANSKO CLOGS plus PUG SOCKS!!! Yahoooooo!  Do you know what this means?

Crazy Clogs + Black Clogs+ Pug Socks = Custom Dog Painting.

Seeing old high school friends, and hanging out with a wonderful family? Priceless.

A big shout out THANK YOU to the JOHNSON Family for a  FUN TRADE!!! One of the coolest things I have done! :)