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Vino and Coffee......


Geeeeesh!  How can it possibly be a full week into August already?  Where has our summer gone?  Oh wait, that is right, we technically don't have a summer here in Washington.  We did actually have a gorgeous 90 degree weekend, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.  After some long busy weeks, we took the weekend off!  What a blast!  We headed to the beach after our 6 mile run on Saturday.  We did nothing but lay in the sun, nap, and read our books.  My daughter headed off to her first outdoor concert with a friend.  They went to Warp Tour, which apparently is the coolest event ever?  I was fortune enough not to have to chaperone!  Wahooo!  After checking out the venue online, I was very grateful.  It look like a bunch of skater-punk bands that wore make-up and did a lot of screaming.....ugh.  The joy of raising teenagers.  Sunday we headed to the Anacortes Art Festival, checked out the festivities, and ate the BIGGEST elephant ear I have ever seen.  I was able to snap three pictures before the camera died.  Oh joy. We all decided to head out early due to tummy aches full of fried dough.

This week I have been busy, busy, busy.....painting, painting, painting.  I am currently working on an "Anacortes" series.  So fun to paint some local sites! :) I will be sure to share with you when I get them completed.  This weekend we are back at the market.....and then will run around frantically all next week......DAN'S PARENT'S ARE COMING!!! Yipppppeeeee!  We have ALOT of cleaning and organizing to do before they get here!  Hopefully we can make this place look like a normal family house instead of our crazy lazy house!!! Ha! Ha!

Here are two little pieces I finished last week: VINO and COFFEE, my two favorite drinks: