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Vicki and her Chicken Coop!

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Here is a little story about my friend Vicki and her CHICKEN COOP! First, let us start at the very we all probably know by now (yes, I can admit this) I love Facebook....I am addicted......and I don't care who knows anymore!  It is a part of my life, I do have that addictive personality, so I just go with it!  Well, my friend Vicki loves Facebook too.  If you do not know Vicki, you really are missing out....she is the craziest, funniest, loving person I have ever met!  I really wish I could be more like her! She OWNS it!  She is so outgoing, and so nice to everyone around her!  Anyways....lets get back on Vicki and I are always making funny comments back and forth on Facebook....then one day....she posts the biggest ugliest chicken coop picture I have ever seen!  It is for sale, and she has decided she cannot live without it!  For weeks, she is talking about having to buy the coop, making her husband pick it up and deliver it to the house (I can't even imagine how this was done!)....and she is soooooo excited to paint it, fence it and buy her little chickens!  Soooo.....I think to myself.....she has to have a FUNKY CHICKEN PAINTING for her FUNKY coop! Here it is!!!!!!I cannot wait to see the coop when it is finished!  I think her new little friends will enjoy their funky painting, who knows....they may be so happy they lay a few extra eggs now and again!  I thought maybe the bright pink color would scare off the foxes as well, ha! ha!  The best part?  Vicki made me HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM! What?????? Oh yes, we had toast for dinner last night, covered in jam!  Yummy! So the moral of this story is: 1.) Facebook friends rock!    2.) Vicki is awesome!   3.) Do nice things for friends    4.) Funky chickens make people happy!    5.)  Make friends with people who cook and bake well!  HA! HA!

Have a super day!!!!!!