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UGH! I am a SLUG!

Paintingcarla2 Comments

I know, I know, I know.  I have been complaining about the weather for months.......I just cannot help it!!!! I looked down at myself today and realized that I am covered in slime, and turning a brown-ish green color.  That is right folks.....I am slowly turning into a slug!!!!  Sooooo tired of it here in WASHINGTON!  As I sit here right now, on June 24th, I am bundled up in the living room with my thick WINTER JACKET ON!  Peering outside right now and all I see is damp, grey, cloudy weather. BLEH!  I can honestly say that we have had a few decent days (upper sixties) and that has been IT for the summer.  Okay, we MIGHT have reached a seventy degree day once or twice so far but this is ridiculous!  Sooooo, instead of sitting here complaining, I am going to wipe the slime from my skin......and THINK POSITIVE "SUN" THOUGHTS!  I am going to day dream of beaches, warm sand, surf, and mojitos on the beach!  Heck, I might go into the bathroom and rub a little self tanning lotion on my skin!  (that way I will have a little bronze tone to my greenish slug skin.)  I feel a bit like I am living in ALASKA!  How do those people do it anyways?  I raise my hat to them for being able to stick it out!  I have never thought about the weather much growing up here in Washington, but times are changing and I am getting older.  I might have to become one of those "snow birds."  I could buy a park model down in Arizona at some hip little resort.  Meet some retired folks, and play scrabble and cribbage all day!  Until then........I will live in my little dream world of sunny skies.