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Toilet Woes….

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Slurp, slurp!  Why not brighten up your bathroom with this lovely FUNKY painting of a dog drinking out of a toilet bowl!!!  I about a conversation starter! Your guest needs to relieve him/herself in your BATHROOM....they walk in...(drumroll) and WOW....LOOK AT THAT crazy OVER-THE-TOP-PAINTING!  Wahoooo!  I don't own a dog anymore, but years ago I had the sweetest Chocolate Labrador!  Her name was Sarah.....AND SHE LOVED DRINKING OUT OF THE TOLIET!  I would go to sleep (and of course I would forget to put the toilet lid down....and now that I think about it, I am sure one of the boys left the seat up too!) and in the middle of night I would wake up to the slurping sound of her drinking out of the toliet.  It didn't matter if her water bowl was filled to the rim......she loved that bathroom water!  Now, as humans, we might think that is GROSS!  Try to look at it from a dog's perspective......nice cold water....that gets fresh every now and then, after you hear that weird flushing sound!  AHHHHH! REFRESHING!  My favorite memory....was laying in bed hearing Sarah drink her T.W. (that now stands for toilet water) and I would think to myself  "I sure hope the kids flushed the toilet!"  I looked up this CRAZY phenomenon on GOOGLE, and it must be a big issue with a ton of folks!  There are a million websites and blogs about people panicking over Fido drinking PEE.....or blue T.W. Ha! Ha! I am going through one of those "phases" right now when I think I want a dog.  I know I REALLY don't want a dog.....I mean....all the maintenance? Cleaning up doggy-doo? Dealing with pee on your floor? Dog walking? Buying Dog food? YIKES!  I just can't help myself when I see a dog at the park, or a cute little tiny fluffy dog passing by in a car.  I think to myself "I need a dog."  I miss being a dog owner, but I just can't quite commit.....for now, I will "pet" my little yellow dog in this painting!  Hope you have a GREAT DAY!