Carla's Funky Art

Those Funky Birds


When I was a little girl, I just loved Pink Flamingos!  I had them all over my room....big ones, little ones, posters, figurines, and even a hot pink flamingo light!  I painted this silly guy yesterday.....for my love of PINK BIRDS!  I bought some new paints last week, they are cheery and fun, and check out that PINK!  I am addicted to finding new bright colored paints!  I also made an owl, to remember my grandma! Oh how I miss her and my mom so much!  Growing up, my grams was a huge owl collector...OWLS, OWLS EVERYWHERE!  I went into the bank this week and what was sitting there on the counter? A TOOTSIE POP! Do you remember that old many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll Mr. Owl?  Ha! Ha!  I am not to sure if I like owls or not, but the painting was fun just the same!  On another note, I am thinking of branching out!  Get it? "Branching Out" and the birds are sitting on branches in the paintings!  Ha! Ha!  I have been doing a little memory lane walking this week....the whole flamingo collection and grandma's owl's........I think my best memories of a little girl were the memories down at the beach!  Oh how I loved that place.  That funky cabin, catching all of those bull-heads off right off of the beach, and writing my name on the sand bank.  How I wish I could go back and be a spoiled rotten little girl with bucked-teeth!  Those were some good times!  I have been working on a "bucket-list", not that I think I am going to die anytime soon, but if I do.....I want to be well prepared! I will have to let you know when it is finished.....I have some CrAzY things that I want to do before I go!  For example.....I HAVE to build a Tumbleweed Tiny Home in Belize!  Have you ever heard of them?  It is our next generation housing....less is more, stop consuming (unless it is a Carla's Funky Art painting) and get living!  I already picked my Tiny house floor plans, and I already know where I am going to build it! (I can't tell you because you will buy the property out from underneath me!)  When I am old and grey, you will know where to find me....on the beaches in Belize, painting pictures of the sea and sipping a mojito in the sun!  Hope you have super weekend, and while you are at it....start putting together your own bucket list.... :)