Carla's Funky Art

Super Sock Monkey!


AGH! It is Monday.....not just any Monday, but the first Monday after the time has changed!  Soooooo sleepy!  Why did we have to set the clocks forward an hour? Boo!  We are coming off of a whirlwind weekend.....lots going on here at the house.  Just finished up two paintings that will be auctioned off at the Fildago Elementary School PTA auction this coming up weekend.  The SUPER SOCK MONKEY listed above is one that will be auctioned off!  I am almost finished with the backdrop for Ally's middle school Drama play, and somehow managed to paint a chicken sign!  We sold a few paintings on Saturday at the winter's market, even a few prints!  Yahooo for productive weekends!

Had a great time with friends yesterday.  We had them over for tacos, beer and a little ping pong!  Now it is back to reality and a busy week coming up!  I sure wish I had that extra hour of sleep! :)

Happy Monday!