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Studio Tour.......

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I thought I would share a few studio pictures with you today.  I hope you are not disappointed.  I have had many friends and fans over the years ask me where I paint and what my studio looks like.  I wish it was like a magazine photo shoot, but the reality is that it is just a simple room that is my happy place. :)

As you can see, I can be quite messy!

There is always a coffee cup around when I work! :)

Hello new paper lanterns..........

Here is a work in progress....a huge painting that is starting to see some whimsical charactures. I am painting this one for the living room....I paint on this one every time I have left over paint from a different project.

Nothing makes me quite as happy as fingers smeared with paint on canvas, a little Jack Johnson in the background, and a cup of coffee in my hand. is the simple things really.

My studio is open 7 days a week by appointment only, if you ever want to swing by just let me know! I would love to have you over!

Happy Tuesday!