Carla's Funky Art

Skippin’ Some Rope……


Skippin' RopeAs much as you hate to admit it, you KNOW you liked SKIPPIN' ROPE at recess!  We all did!  Nothing like slammin' your face into a plastic whip now and then!  I mean who doesn't like that?!?!?  Getting a big fat welt on your face for the rest of the day!  Ha! Ha! Ha! My favorite part about this painting is the "I Love Horses" on her shirt.  It reminds me so much of the 80's!  We would all wear dorky shirts at recess!  Do you remember double-dutch?  I was so BAD at that, and how embarrasing!!!  Your friends would be swinging the rope, and you would just eat it....getting plastic welts all over!  Why did they have those silly thick plastic jumping ropes anyways?  THEY HURT!  So here is my painting.....honoring all the GEEKY kids who liked to SKIP rope at RECESS!