Carla's Funky Art

Salting Slugs


So....if you live out here in the Great Pacific know what I am talking about if I say "Salting Slugs!"  If not....let me explain.  The area around here is always wet, wet, wet!  It rains all the time, and is grey, damp, and cold. (Hmmm....why do I live here!)  We have some pretty slimy things around here, and at the top of the list is SLUGS!  They are everywhere...they climb up your house, they are in the sidewalk, on the deck, and all over on the ground.  You will know if you see one because they look like a little piece of dog poop, but there is trail of slime behind them!  If you are a child growing up in quickly learn that if you grab your mom's salt shaker, pour it on the will shrivel up and die!  As much as I hate slugs, it breaks my heart!  It is the saddest scene ever!  I would always catch my kids running into to the kitchen to grab the salt shaker and head outside!  I would be screaming "Noooooooooo!!!!"  The next thing I know... shriveled up slugs are in the driveway!  Those poor little guys!  Here is my painting to reminisce about old times, salt, and of course those little baby slugs!  Maybe I should have painted it the other way.....a big fat slug pouring salt on the kids! Ha! Ha!