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Painting in progress…..

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Painting in progressDoing a little self is my "heart's girl"...painting in progress.  Not to sure about you, but I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve!  Sometimes I think this is a good thing, and other times, it STINKS!  I always try to look at the best in people and always assume that they have the best intentions.  Most of the time that is the case, but those other 5% can sure make you hurt!  All in all, it is a GOOD THING!  Live, learn, and throw your sleeve out there!

On another note, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.....and you know what that means!!!!! Be extra nice to your loved ones.....steer clear of the store, BIG red hearts, PINK flowers...and CANDY EVERYWHERE, you may get swallowed up in aisle 14!  Don't forget to eat 10 pounds in chocolate! Just think....after February 14th, we can all count down to Easter.....UGH!

Check back this week and I will take a picture of her when she is done!