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O for Octopus

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Here is Mr. Octopus, one of my favorite paintings EVER!  He looked super cool hanging out in my kitchen.  I just thought I would share this one with you guys.  I was a bit sad about selling him.  I finished him on a Friday night and he sold Saturday morning.  I really didn't want to let him go, we had just started to get to know each other. He went to a wonderful home, and will be hanging out in HAWAII!  I have been selling paintings full-time for a year now.  I never thought I would get so attached to some of them.  There have been a handful of paintings that I didn't want to "let-go."  Is that weird?  Everyone always tells me to just paint another one, but it isn't the same!!!!  You will have to excuse the image above, it was a last minute picture from a friend at the farmers market.  I had realized when he sold, I didn't even have a photo!

So I noticed lately, I have been on an "under the sea" kick lately.  Lots of fish, water, octopus, and fishing.  I must be reliving my childhood!  Well, I am off to paint, I think today I will try a JELLYFISH!  Happy Wednesday!