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Need More Coffee

Paintingcarla2 Comments

Came up with my Funky Starbucks drinker (is "drinker" a word???) this week!  This is totally what I look like every morning!  Ha! Ha!  I even have the kids trained to not even talk or peek my way until I have had at least 1 cup o' coffee from my favorite Starbucks cup!  Ok, you might be sick and tired of all of my "Starbucks" talk, but like I said before, it is my addiction, and I just cannot help myself!  I have been able to wean myself off a bit though, only been there once this week, and it is Friday.  Hope you like her, and if you don't, well, I guess that is OK too, just don't tell me!  HA! Well, I am off to make another pot of coffee!