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My Vintage Trailer……

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Sooo...I was sitting in the doctor's office the other day, and was just about to loose my mind to COMPLETE BOREDOM.  Just then I looked across the room and found an old dilapidated Sunset Magazine.  I was skimming through, and found an AWESOME article about VINTAGE TRAILERS!  Get this.......there are a group of women that travel around the States in their vintage trailers and go fishing and camping.  I was like WHAT???????  HOW FUN!!!  The best part was that the women go without men.....and they PAINT THEIR TRAILERS!!!! Yahoooooo!   Sounds like the perfect gig for me!  (oh wait, I forgot I have kids.....well, maybe it will be the perfect gig for me when I am older.)  The group is called "Sisters on the Fly" and I found their website online.  Check it out HERE.  I was so inspired by the article, I came home and painted my own vintage trailer!!!!  It would HAVE to be PINK....and it definitely HAS TO HAVE DAISIES ON IT!!!!!  The inside is going to be full of pink retro dishes, pink fluffy daisy pillows, and plastic pink flamingos......everywhere you look is going to be PINK!  Dan is going to hate it which makes it all that much BETTER!!!! WAHOOO!  I think I will name it Carla's Retro PINKMOBILE!!!! you know what this means?  I have to add "owning a vintage trailer" to my BUCKET LIST!  I have to do this is GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!!!