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My Three Pups….

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Well, here is my latest painting!!!!!  Inspired by my high school friend Carl, who has three little dachshunds!  Carl ordered a bubble tree painting for his wife, and we had the opportunity to deliver it to his house over Thanksgiving!  We loved his home and his family, and his adorable little pups!  They all had matching bandanas with their name on them!  I want a dog so bad!  Not just any dog, but a PUG PUPPY!  Of course, Dan says "NOWAY JOSE!"  So not fair!  I think my next painting is going to be a cute little pug puppy with a santa hat! Do you think that will be a big enough hint? :)

I do want to apologize for the lack of blog posts here lately.  I have been overwhelmed with the holiday shows.  I am way behind on painting, and updating my website.  My New Years Resolution is going to be to GET MY WEBSITE UP TO DATE!  There are so many paintings that are not listed on here, that goes for my ETSY site as well!  UGH!  I will make 2012 my goal for getting back on track!

Don't forget the Holiday Express Show is this upcoming Saturday from 9-4!  After the show I am taking a HOLIDAY BREAK!  I think some homemade spiked eggnog is in order!