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My Hometown

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Oh how I miss my little country hometown!  I grew up in Olalla, a little rural area out on the Kitsap Peninsula.  What good times I had growing up in the country!  Running around barefoot, riding horses, and cow tipping on Saturday night!  I have come to realize that I will always be a country girl at heart!  I really thought I would raise my kids on a bunch of acreage with a barn and a garden.  Hmmmm......what I didn't realize was just how expensive that really is!  :)

Growing up in Olalla was awesome. Granted, I moaned and groaned when my parents wouldn't drive me 40 minutes to the mall. I also threw big fat fits when they told me that we were going to "town" once this weekend and it wasn't the night I wanted to go roller skating at Rio's Skate Rink.  Overall, it as a great place to run around as a child!  I would walk a mile down the road to visit my best friend.  We would go blackberry picking, make forts out of brush and sticks, and we actually had to use our imagination to find something to do.  Our clothes would be dirty, but we didn't care.  One of our favorite things to do was head down to the South Kitsap Little League field on the weekends. We would save up our change and buy some candy at the consession stand.  We would watch baseball games all day (ok, not really, we were there for the boys, but my parents didn't need to know that).  On sunny days we would head to the beach or get ice cream at Al's grocery store.

Dan and I drove through Olalla Valley a while back, and it inspired this painting:

I hope someday I can make my way back to the country.  Hang some sheets out on the line, listen to some country music, sip some ice tea while I watch my cows graze! :)