Carla's Funky Art

Moo Moo Milkshake!


Is it just me, or is this the silliest painting yet??? I just can't help myself!!!!  What could be funnier than a he/she cow drinking a milkshake at a diner?????  If you had any doubts whether or not I am crazy, I think I have solved the issue for you!!!  I love, love, love this big painting!  I have it hanging up in my dining room.  The kids love it too!  When they came home from school after I had painted it, they started laughing hysterically!  I have always drawn funny cows, especially when I was a little girl.  I even have a cow obsession when I go to the CASINO!!!!  There is this silly slot machine called MILK MONEY!  I am addicted to it!  You get to milk cartoon cows!  What?  What? I just know I am going to strike it rich, and become a slot machine millionaire!  YAHOO!  Don't worry though, even when I start bringing in the big bucks at the local dive casino, I will still paint! that I think about it, my next painting is going to be me at the casino playing slots with a bunch of cows!!!  Happy Wednesday!