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Momma’s Day!


Don't forget that Mothers Day is right around the corner!  Just a few more days!  There is something special about this time of year.  The sun starts coming out, spring is in the air and people around these parts seem to be in better spirits.  I haven't always thought this way.  I lost my mom 9 years ago, and I use to dread this time of year from Easter to Mother's Day.  Spring was hard for me. My mom's birthday falls in March,  and she passed away right before Easter in April.  I still think about my mom everyday, we were the best of friends, and I miss her terribly.  We were always goofing off, shopping, and she had the best advice for me.  I would talk to her everyday, I miss hearing her voice the most. Everyone use to tell me that things would get better with time, and I would think to myself "you have got to be kidding me."  The funny thing is that it actually does get better.   This last year has been the best year yet. I think it is all about attitude!  I needed to quit feeling sorry for myself that I didn't have my mom.....and start appreciating the fact that I had an AWESOME mom, and we had a ton of wonderful memories together. The photo above is my mom, sister and I.  I love her rockin' platinum big hair. Total 70's! My sister Kim is on the lower right, and yep, you guessed it........I AM THE EGG-HEAD!

I love being a mom. (well sometimes I don't, this raising teenagers thing is HARD!)  As much as my kiddo's drive me crazy, I wouldn't change it for the world.  I hope when my children are older, I will have a close relationship with them like my mom and I had.  Time has flown, just the other day they were babies, and now they are in their teens!  What happened?  :)

I painted this the other day, it reminds my of Spring.....Easter, and Mother's Day all wrapped up together:

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day.  Our weather here is going to be in the high seventies!  YAHOOOOO!!  This momma will be at the beach!