Carla's Funky Art

Lemon Drop Time!


Here is a little commissioned piece I was working on the other day.  Thought it would be a perfect time to post this.  Today is totally a "Lemon Drop" kinda day!  The weather is a balmy 87 degrees, the sun is shining down, and it is absolutely gorgeous outside!  I love, love, love it!  Since we don't get this very often, I am making my blog post quick so I can get out on the deck!

We have another busy week ahead.  Tomorrow is the market, then Dan's parents will be staying with us for the week.  I love when company comes to visit.  I get to play tourist and enjoy the wonderful activities and sights of the local area.  Western Washington is so beautiful with its looming mountains, salt water coves, and all these evergreens.  I really do love where I live, even though I constantly complain about the weather.  I have the whole week planned out with a ton of activities and am starting to wonder if we over-booked ourselves yet again!  I have a bad habit of always being on the GO!  The summer is coming to an end and it has been such an exciting whirlwind of adventures!  I will honestly be glad to see fall roll in, have a schedule again with the kids back in school, and take a break. Until then.........

Cheers to a Happy Summer Day in Anacortes!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!