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Knitting and Wine

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Here is a little commissioned piece I made last month.  I was bummed the picture I took turned out blurry and I didn't catch it until after it was mailed off.  I thought it turned out pretty fun!  Two best friends get together once a week and drink red wine and knit!  I just love knitting!  I hope someday I will be able to make something other than a scarf!  I tried to knit myself a hat once.  I picked out the perfect yarn....followed the instructions exactly (so I thought) and it ended up being super tiny!  YIKES!  My daughter thought it was great, she just received a new knit hat! Ha! Ha!  Knitting has come a long way in the last few years.  It is no longer the dreaded big funky sweater that your grandma made!  (Just kidding to all you AWESOME grandma's that KNIT!)  I think my favorite thing about that you can do it anywhere!  It doesn't take up any space, you can throw it in your purse and off you go!  My daughter learned to knit at age 5....we would spend hours and hours knitting squares for WARM UP AMERICA.  It was a great way for her to knit plus it was a great lesson about helping others.  Now that I think about it....knitter's ROCK!  I just finished another little painting that I will have to post called: "Cool People Knit."  Cheers to all you knitters.....and if you don't know how to knit, you should give it a try....(that goes for all of you gentleman too, if you want to keep up with us girls and be cool...get knitting!)......