Carla's Funky Art

If I only had a Dog.


I have come to the conclusion that Dan is never, ever, ever, ever, ever going to let us get a dog.  Agh!!!!!  I would really love a small dog, you know....the little ones that you could just throw in your purse!  A pug would be my first choice, they are so darn ugly that they are cute!  In my "dream world" I would would get a black one, and name it "Jerome" after my dad!  I hear the black one shed less, but you can't always believe what you see on the internet! Ha!  Ha!  I have done quite a bit of thinking about this, and a little one means little POOP.....and  I can handle that! Here is my list of things I would do if I only had a dog...... - Dress it up seasonally for the holidays....cute little shirts, with matching booties.  It could have hearts on it for Valentines Day, Easter Eggs for Easter and so on.....(I am sure you get the picture.) Can you imagine the Superbowl???? We could wear matching team shirts!

-It would most definitely have to have a cheetah leash, with matching spiked cheetah collar.  (I did see the other day that they make little cheetah rain booties too!)

-I would take it everywhere I went, in my purse of coarse!  It could even have a little car seat in the car!  Safety first!

-It would sleep with me every night on it's own special pillow made of feathers with its name embroidered on the pillow case!  I would give it a little manicure before bed....and paint it's cute little tiny nails......

Here is my painting for all you dress up doggie lovers!

****I think Dan is scared to buy me a dog, a little jealous that it may come first !!!!!!   (which it would by the way!!!!!!)*********