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I wish I was a Sailor…….


Oh, I wish I were a sailor. A true sailor.  You know, the one who loves to be on the water....taking in the seabreeze....floating along with the wind.  I have been doing a lot of thinking about this, and I just don't think I have it in my personality to be a sailor.  As much as I love the "idea" of it, I just don't think I can physically DO IT.  True sailors are not afraid of the sea, they are patient, and they are hard workers.

First of all, I am not really "scared of the sea" it just that I get really, really, really scared when the sailboat LEANS way over next to the sea.  I also have an issue with a big plunging rudder underneath the boat that totally freaks me out. (can you tell I am an anxious person?) I went sailing with my friends Kim and Kelly once...and the whole time I just knew that their big fat rudder was going to hit a rock and we would all flip over and drown!  My favorite part of that sailing adventure was when Kelly decides he is going to take a new route home.  The whole time I am thinking "does he know what he is doing?"...."what if there are rocks here?".......needless to say we got home safely without an incident.  Probably do to the fact that these friends of mine are avid sailors, and totally know what they are is their passion!

Second, you have to be patient to sail.  You need wind, and you are more than likely not going to get anywhere real fast.  This does not work for me.  As some of you know, I spend most of my time guzzling coffee.....being in a big fat rush, and planning my next adventure.  The whole time out on the water I am freaking out about how long it is taking us, and why can't we just strap a 454 engine on the back of this badboy so we can HURRY UP!  I really need to work on being more patient. That is my lesson in life.

Last, but not need to actually WORK while you are sailing, and that doesn't "work" for me!  Just think about it....a warm sunny day.....the breeze is blowing in your hair, and you think to yourself....."I just want to lay here and soak it all up".....but can't when you are sailing.  Ropes need pulled.....sails need turned, twisted, or whatever they do. I am just toooooo LAZY.  Who wants to work while they are suppose to be vacationing and relaxing?  I would rather be drinking a tropical drink listening to the engine roar, as I blast my way to my next destination.

These are all things I wish I could change about my personality. Being a scaredy cat.....always being in a rush....and being a fat lazy pig.  These things all take time to change.  For now, I think I will take my FAT BUTT down to the local beach, hang with my friends and WATCH the sailboats.  That way I can pretend that I am a sailor, living the life on the sea...without a care in the world.  Maybe I will work on my personality changes tomorrow. Today I will enjoy the anxious, lethargic, enhanced gluteus maximus person that I am. :)