Carla's Funky Art



In case you missed the last memo.....just wanted to give you another update that "I ROCK!"  Ha!  Ha!  I think I will take this painting, hook it onto a big fat gold chain and start wearing it around my neck!!!  Who knows, maybe it will be the NEWEST FASHION!  I could begin a new fad.....wearing paintings around your neck!  Seriously though, I have been "rockin'' it around here.  I have managed to work at the kayaking company, and still get a ton of painting done!  Currently wrapping up a piece that is due tomorrow morning, and was still was able to work on my big project for my Cali ladies!  I have to admit, this cruddy weather around here is helping.  Who even wants to go outside when it is cold, grey and rainy?  The kids and I are on the big COUNTDOWN until the end of the year.  They only have 4 and 1/2 days to go! Whoop!  Whoop!  I will be so glad not to pack another school lunch, or try to figure out a basic math story problem.  (I have now realized that I cannot even do 4th grade did I ever graduate from high school????)  We have a busy week ahead!  Dan's birthday is on Thursday, he turns the big 40!!!! What?????  My daughter's big promotion to middle school is on Friday, farmers market on Saturday....and then Father's Day!  ANOTHER PACKED WEEK! YAHOOOOO!  I am sure I will make it through, especially with my new "I Rock" necklace!!!!  :)