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Happy President's Day Weekend!

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Wahoooo!  Three day weekend for my family!  The kids had a great day off from school today.  My daughter took a pottery class at Johnny Picassos in Anacortes and painted a super-rockin' peace sign!  Wahoooo!  We then proceeded to see an ambulance at Safeway (the kids thought that was amazing, so I thought I would throw that in) did a little shopping and headed to Washington Park!  After a super long hike along the rocks, we headed home for some R & R!  The weather here today was gorgeous, great day to be outside!! Can't wait for spring!  This morning, I was playing around with some mixed media.....I am trying to get my daughter to make some cool mixed-media art to sell at the farmers market.  She is so talented!  Have you ever thought about making a mixed media painting?  It is so easy and fun! What you need:

  • Paint
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Canvas Board
  • Scrap paper (scrapbooking paper works well)
  • Mod-Podge Glue
  • Whatever else you have laying around the house....I used some pastels and markers

Steps to make it:

  • Paint the canvas board a background color
  • Take paper...cut, rip-up, and do whatever you want to it, stick it down with the glue.
  • Paint or use chalk over the top of it.
  • After your collage is finished, cover whole board with Mod-Podge Glue for a nice seal!!! TA-DA....YOU HAVE YOUR FIRST MIXED MEDIA PAINTING!!!!