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Get your "bike" on!


Took advantage of the sun last week and headed off to the Tommy Thompson Trail in town.  Ally, Dan, and I have been wanting to find out what the "hype" was all about.  Everyone is always talking about running and bike riding on the Tommy Thompson. We decided to leave from the marina, which would be a six mile round-trip.  Needless to say, despite my horrific bike riding skills, it was the perfect little evening jaunt.  The best part was that the whole thing was FLAT!  Yahoooo! No need to change gears.  We had a great time checking out the art murals along the way.  The scenery was FANTASTIC, and my favorite part was the HUGE TRAIN TRESTLE AT THE END OF THE TRAIL!  Wow!  How could I not have known that was there?   Water on both sides.....and a cool view of the oil refinery in the background!  The trail itself was a nice easy ride, I didn't have to much of a problem keeping up with the two of them. We ran into a little bit of a glitch towards the end of the trail (our turn-around point).....Ally stubbed her toe and ripped part of her toe-nail off. UGH!!!! Bloody toe mess all the way back to the car. She survived by insisting that she had to have ice cream and a band-aid!  It was a great evening, and inspired me to come up with a few bicycle paintings.  I really do wish I was more of a "bicycle girl"......I just don't like it, no matter how hard I try.  When I was a little girl, I would LOVE going on bike rides with my dad.  We would take off in the evening when he got home from work and head down to a little grocery store, and he would buy me ICE CREAM!  Back then, I loved BIKE RIDING!  What happened?  Ok, honestly....I know what happened.....this girl is OUT OF SHAPE!  Riding a bike actually makes you move muscles, and my body is screaming at me in denial of having to burn some calories!  :)  I also hate the whole BIKE SEAT issue.  My butt never hurt so bad the next day.  How do people bike ride all the time???  They must have huge calluses on their butts!  Hey, maybe I should paint that next....a bike rider with a huge callus!  What?  What?  Dan rides his bike everyday to the ferry terminal and when he comes home he has to climb a massive hill....YIKES!  There is no way I would even be remotely interested to ride my bike back and forth to work. :)  Well, since we are on the subjects of bikes, I do want to give a SHOUT-OUT to an AWESOME bike repair store here in Anacortes.  It is called the Bike Spot.  A super cool couple owns it, and they do a great job.  We have had all of our bikes tuned-up and fixed there. Thank you Bike Spot!  Every week they hold a community bike ride event for people of all ages to get together and ride the Tommy Thompson Trail. What fun!  It is on our list of things to do.  Well, that is all for today folks, I will end this blog post with a GIRAFFE ON A BIKE!!!! Happy Tuesday!!!!