Carla's Funky Art



I haven't had a lot of time lately to keep up with my blog. :( I have been so busy getting ready for these holiday shows. The last two weeks I have been painting like crazy, cutting mats, packing on and so on!!! I could list everything I have been doing, but I would just bore you.

On a lighter note.....I thought I would share with you a funny painting.  For those who are not familiar with PSY's "Gangnam Style" is the latest craze out of Korea, that is become the "IN" thing around here for the local teenagers and pretty much everyone else as well.  EVERYONE is talking about it, dancing it.....and for some odd reason I have watched the video about 200 times.  Don't ask me why....I guess it is because it is mesmerizing?  Old folks, little folks....every one is doing this dance.  I was in town the other day and I hear a guy singing......"Hey Sexy Lady."  There is just something about it.....a funny guy....singing in korean.....and dancing some crazy moves! Nobody knows what he is saying, yet everyone loves it! My daughter thinks it is one of the funniest videos have to check it out!  Click HERE to see the video.  I bet some of you will only get through 2 minutes, but it is worth watching the whole thing. :)

Here is my "Gangham Style" Painting.  Enjoy!