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Had a great time last night playing around with watercolors with my daughter!  How FUN!  I really stink at painting with them, but thought it would be humorous to try it out.  I have a super old watercolor set (it must be 15 years old, and half of the paint is dried out) that I busted out of the closet!  I have this really great idea to make marathon cards for a few friends, but I really want to do it in watercolors, guess I best be practicing some more.  Came up with this self portrait last night.  I think it captures the weird mood I was in....I nailed the hair!  What is up with my crazy out of control hair?  It has a mind of it's own!!! I think it even has it's own heartbeat and soul.  It just does whatever it wants...literally! I can't tame it or tell it what to do, and if I try, it just freaks out even more! Ugh!

I have been thinking about some New Years Resolutions, but just can't quite pick which one I am going to commit too.  Maybe you could help me decide! Pick from A, B, or C listed below:

A.) Go super crazy and wear my hair brown for the year, not a dark brown, but a chestnut brown...whatever that means.

B.) Paint a picture a day, but not to sure I can commit to this, maybe draw a picture a day?

C.) Attend live music of some form at least one time a month.