Carla's Funky Art

Fiesta Tree!


Fiesta Bubble TreeSoooo????  You think I just lay around all day eating bon-bons and watching soap operas???  Not this girl.....she has been hard at work making a FIESTA BUBBLE TREE!  I am loving how it is turning out with the red!  My daughter even likes it too (which is really saying something, because she doesn't like to many of my paintings....preteens....ugh!)  Not only did I make this painting, but I have walked 11 miles the last three days?  What?  What?  This girl needs to get back in shape!!!!! We are planning on going to Nevada soon, to visit Dan's parents, so I best be losin' my 5 pounds that I have gained since moving off the island!  Ha!  Ha!  Well, I am off to start painting some commission pieces that need to be done.....have a SuPeR GrEaT day....and remember....I actually have been hard at work! :)